The Fusion of Print Media and Technology


Over the years we have developed; our standard of living and our dependence on technologies has grown. In this world today where everything is merged with technology, the print media stands as no exception.

We can ask ourselves, ’Do we still have people who love to read?’ or ‘People who seek inspiration from books’. The answer is ‘YES’. Another question comes up as to how they should get access to the books they want to read. ‘Do they get every book they want to read the conventional way? In libraries’ or ‘Will it be better for them to look up for their books online?’ Well, most of you will agree that the latter is the better option.

Today, technology has digitalized the print media and has made book lovers get access to millions of books; easier and at a cheaper price. Kindle with Amazon has played a pivotal role in making millions of book lovers get what they want.

Let’s take a closer look how

Kindle e-book reader offers a huge collection of books of all genres to all the proud owners of kindle e-book reader devices. These e books also holds all the features of a paper print including content, pictures and page numbers. It is also relatively easier than the contemporary print books to search for contents for readers. Kindle e books can be purchased from Amazon at a subsidized price and the range of choices available to the customers easily surpasses any other online shops selling books. Kindle e books can also be borrowed for a specific number of days like any other book that you can borrow from a physical library.

Also taking in view sizes of the books and the memory the e-book readers give plus the cloud storage you can save up to 2000+ books in your e-book readers which will be a dream come true for avid readers who can proudly boast of owning a mobile library that’s easily accessible and can even be read offline once downloaded.

What’s better? Unlike the conventional library that was bestowed to you by your parents that can be lost in natural disasters, these e-books can never be lost once you store them in the cloud storage that has been given to your reader device. All you’ve got to do is assign a password and open it anytime you have connection.

Pros of E-Books

  • No trees needs to be cut down to make these books; thus it is eco friendly
  • A click away from finding your book; easy and fast
  • A mobile library everywhere with you
  • Adjustable fonts; easy search of contents
  • Comparatively less costly than its counterpart; paper print

Cons of E-Books

  • Many books are not available in the digital format
  • The book dies when the battery of the e book reader dies
  • You will miss the book itself; the old crimpled pages and the smell
  • Cost of buying some books as some usually comes in a collection at high prices
  • The format available might not be supported for your device

While many have embraced this digitalizing of books, some are of the opinion that these books have lost the true essence of the quality of being a book or book hood if we put it in simple words. We all know technology is there to make our lives easier and this development is definitely a step forward in making reading more enjoyable and easy. However, as we always like to say, ‘Life is a matter of choices’. It is your choice thus as to which form of book to choose and feed your soul. And whatever may be your choices continue to read on as e-books will reach a whole new level in the years to come and the paper print will not become obsolete as long as human beings continue to check, plant and cut trees.

The Advantages Of Cloud Drive Technology

Can you believe that the online storage system is almost replacing hard drive storage? People around the world are opting to store their important documents and files etc on the internet. Space is what matters the most in today’s crowded world.

The Cloud Drive technology is easy to use, access, reliable, safe and secure. When it comes to storing data, the cloud storage services is becoming the method of choice for many people.


What is a Cloud Drive?

In the simplest word, cloud drive is a free online storage services. In other words, cloud storage is nothing but storing your data and files on the internet.

Some of the famous cloud storage service providers include, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, MediaFire and Dropbox.

Some of the biggest advantages of using Cloud Drive

There are many benefits and advantages of using online storage facility. However, some of the most important ones are listed below:


Once you have an account with any of the online storage service providers, you can login to your account and freely access all the important documents and files you have saved. All that you need is an internet connection, whether you are using your Smartphone or other devices like your laptop or PC.


Cloud storage is safe and secure for storing because the data is encrypted and unauthorized users cannot access other’s file. Therefore, you can store confidential files, information and audio safely. Infact, it’s much safer than storing it locally.


With online storage software you will not face a problem for recovering your files and audios etc. If your data is lost due to some reason or the other, you don’t have to panic or worry because the cloud storage software will have backups of all the original files you have saved earlier. Therefore, you can restore the needful file without taking much time. Recovery facility is highly important for backups.


Today, there are number of online storage service providers in the market. This gives you the freedom to choose and decide the one that you rely the most for saving your files and documents. You can say that cloud storage is free, though there are minimal monthly fees applicable for storing huge data. Moreover, in comparison with the traditional backup methods such us the hard drives, the online storage services are cost effective, more convenient, easier and cheaper.


Cloud drive is invisible, which means that, it’s a software to store data and files etc without physical presence. Online storage does not require physical space for storing your files and document. Therefore, with cloud drive you will not have any problem for space. You can save as much as you want conveniently.


All the files and documents are securely maintained with backups. Infact, the backup data are separately kept after retaining all the original documents. Therefore, it’s protected and secure from any unforeseen damages.


Online storage services are not only safe and secure. But the tedious processes like backups or recovering loss files are automated to save more time. It will not take much time even if you wanted to recover important files.


If you wanted to share or transfer audio, pictures and other files to your friends, the online storage services gives you the freedom to do so without wasting your time. Sharing and transferring files or folders to other is instant and just a click away.


This is one of the best features of cloud storage. At the click of a mouse you can sync your files if you wanted to retain or update the changes you have made in your document. When you click the sync button, your documents will automatically get updated across all your devices and the updated version of the file will be available on all your devices. This will save your time and energy.

In this world of the internet, millions of people are opting for cloud storage rather than the hard drives. Hope you are one of them. The above mentioned advantages are some of the reasons why people choose online storage services.

Kindle: A Total Advantage for Modern Man



Are you ready to take a leap into a whole new world of reading? Reading will never be the same again because e-book readers came into existence. Yes, you can still read books the old fashioned way: flipping pages, placing bookmarks, and even reminiscing over pages stained with blotches, and yes, technology should not dictate how modern we are. The good old books serve the needs of every reader, voracious or not, quite well. However, stepping up from all of that, are we ready to break away from the reading habits that we have all developed and loved for something new, something that promises more comfort without compromising on our reading needs?

The majority of us tread change in general. Good change or bad change doesn’t matter because it is still change; we need some major convincing before we take baby steps towards that change. Moving from reading paper-books to e-books may be something that most people are not comfortable with. This is because we are creatures of habit too. Some say, “Heck! I love books, why even bother looking at what e-book readers have to offer?” “What does e-book reading offer that paper-books do not?” “Why do we have to give up the smell of paper books, scribbles, and doggy-ears?” To answer all of that, we will have to analyze what e-book readers actually offer. I am taking the Kindle as an example because right now, it is undeniably taking the lead amongst e-book readers. We must also remember that we are not ditching paper books just because the Kindle came along. This is a new gadget that offers friendly apps for most comfy and convenient reading.

Reading Without Light:

How often do we have to adjust where we read just because the light source was uncomfortable, or how often do we have to stop reading because of power failure? My answer will be numerous times. Comfort while reading is key. All we want to do is curl up in our lazy-boy or bed and settle down with a comfortable book. The Kindle allows you to do just that. Latest models of the Kindle such as the Kindle Voyage even have light sensors that adjust automatically to your environment. If it is broad daylight, it will reduce the screen brightness and if it is dawn, dusk, or night, it increases the brightness. You can read without your reading lights and not disturb your sleeping partners—a sure way to keep everyone happy.


Adjustable Font Size:

To some, adjustable font size may seem like a trivial thing. Well, wait until you get older. My grandma is 75 and loves her Kindle because of the adjustable font size. She uses it in her quiet-time for reading the Bible and appreciates me greatly for being so thoughtful by gifting her a Kindle. It didn’t quite register with her that it’s a feature I didn’t create but something that came with the Kindle naturally despite me trying to explain a hundred times. I am happy to let her live in her own bubble and also happy to note that features such as adjustable font size makes it very friendly for elderly people who still enjoy reading, but find books tasking.

Your Library Goes Wherever You Go:

To the man and woman constantly on the move, this is a deal maker. Once you have a Kindle, all you have to do is set up your account and all the e-books you own are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. I personally know people who must read at least 2/3 books in one go. They constantly shuffle between chapters and books and have the most difficult time trying to decide which books to carry along when they go for trips. Ultimately, they end up carrying at least 3 books. This hassle is done away with forever when you own an e-book reader. Did I tell you that you can read these books offline too? If I didn’t, now is a good time to tell you that you can read all of the books in your library offline. All you have to do is download them.


No Book is Too Heavy:

Remember The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Complete Works of Shakespeare? What do these books have in common? They are thick books. Well, when you have an e–book reader, you will never have to worry about big books again because regardless of how thick your book is, it will always be the size and weight of your e-book reader. You can do away with heavy books for once and for all.


Regardless of whether you have always been a book fiend or whether you do not give any care about it, it is totally impossible to ignore that fact that there are certain perks that come with owning an e-book reader. The latest from the kindle line including the Kindle the Kindle Voyage and the ever-loved Paperwhite are sure to usher you into a wonderful reading experience. Amazon also have Kindle Fire which is a tablet for those who like take entertaiment to the next level.

Which Type of Shaver is the Right Shaver for Your Skin?


Man had long been shaving beards since time immemorial. The methods and techniques used in the past differ from what we have today. Technology is advanced in such a way that shaving has drastically changed. The revolution from manual razor blades to electric shaver has brought quite a lot of changes.

Types of Shaver

Rotary shaver and foil shaver are the two main types of electric shavers. The choice of either of the two shavers solely depends on the type of skin you have. For some, rotary shaver is good and for some, foil shaver is a better option. However, it depends on the type of shaver that your skin adapts to the kind of shaver.

As for majority of the type of skin, foil shaver does better than rotary shavers do. Some rotary shavers cause a lot of pain for people with ingrown hair while foil shavers are gentler to the skin.

In order to choose the right shaver for your skin, first you have to understand the type of skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is better for you to choose foil shaver. If you have ingrown hair, never try rotary shaver because it is really painful to shave.

Which Rotary or Foil Shaver Should You Choose

If you don’t have any problem regarding your skin, you can choose Philips Norelco, which is one of the top rotary shavers but if you have sensitive skin, it is better for you to choose Braun shaver.  You will have both the options to shave both wet and dry. It has a cleaning dock with charge station. In times of emergencies, you can shave dry, if not you can have a wet shave for a smooth and soft skin. You can do cordless shaving for at least 10 shaves in a single charge and so even if you travel a lot; it is safe for you to travel without the charger for two to three days trip.

In order to get the closest shave as top barbers do, first wet your hair with warm water for a couple of minutes. When it is wet, apply a good quality cream with rich leather and thoroughly brush it with a brush so that your hair raises up to give you a closer shave.  If you use a good quality cream, it forms leather instead of foam and lubricate to remove dead skin cells to give you a smooth and soft skin.

Why You Should Shave with a Good Quality Shaver

If your shaver is not good, it causes redness of the skin, razor burnt, tugs, pulls and shaving rash and therefore you should ensure that you are buying the right shaver for your skin. Know the type of your skin before you invest on your shaver. The main objective of a shaver is to give you a smooth and close shave but while doing so if you have redness or irritation, you have bought the wrong shaver.

The right shaver is not a matter of how much it cost you but rather the comfort it gives you after shaving. Braun series 7 is a top mid-end shaver for people with normal or thin type of hair. However, if you want to know all the technical details read Braun series 7 790cc review or read consumer report review.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many other brands of electric shavers like Remington, Philips, Braun and Panasonic to mention a few. Among those top brands, you can choose to have one depending on the type of your skin. It is a story of the past to get cuts or bleeding with this top brand shavers. Choose the type of shaver depending on the type of your skin. However, one reminder is that your skin will take a few weeks to adapt to the kind of razor blades you use.

Checkout: best electric shaver for kid

Is Solar Energy A Boon For The Community?

Solar Energy is an energy produce with the help of sunlight. The sun rays are collected in a panel inorder to generate electricity. Solar powers are also used for other various purposes today.

The sunlight or sun rays are capable of generating electricity since it contains photons which are later converted into conductive electrons. When the sun’s energy in converted into solar power it can be used for lighting your homes and the nearby surrounding or for many other applications.

Solar powers are frequently used in rural areas and in remote locations. Today, it’s almost everywhere. Wherever you go you will see solar street lamps being installed in most of the towns and cities of the world.


What are some of the Important Advantages of Solar Energy?  

  • The increasing use of solar power is making the world a better place to live in, since the environment is getting cleaner and eco-friendly. Energy generated form sunlight is helping millions of people in the world.
  • Solar Power is pollution free and infact, this energy is absolutely free of charge once it’s properly installed for generating electricity. Among the list of other sources, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy next to wind energy.
  • The greatest benefit of using solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere even in the remotest place where there is no other means of power supply. Even in space solar cells are used to launch powerful satellites inorder to telecast what’s happening around us.
  • Modern gadgets that are available in the world market use solar cells to run the devices.
  • There are many other sources where electricity can be harnessed, such us wind, fossil, and water however, sun energy is one of the purest and quietest source with less noise and pollution.
  • Other advantageous of using solar power is the consuming cost. Compare to other sources it’s highly cheap and affordable through installation may not be that cheap. But it’s a lifetime investment.
  • Today, solar panels that are installed in your home are often used for generating power for various electronic devices such as television, Sony Xperia smart phones, tablets and laptops.
  • The best thing about solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere and it will not occupy much space. It’s easily install-able on your rooftop or at any place or location where the solar panel can be fixed temporarily or permanently.
  • Solar panel installation is easy and much faster and convenient when compared to installing electrical wires. Moreover, it can be installed even in the remotest locations.
  • Using more of solar energy and less dependent on other sources like the fossil fuel will help in creating environment friendly world and greener world.
  • Solar energy can be saved and stored with the help of the advanced technologies of solar batteries which are rechargeable. You can easily charge the battery when your kindle e-reader is down and unable to read your favorite novel.
  • Lastly but not the least, the sun is a renewable source of energy, so no matter how long and how much you use it will never end as long as the sun keeps shinning. Solar energy is a renewable energy which is highly reliable and trustworthy.

Solar cell house icon on green leaf - Alternative energy

Some of the Disadvantages of Solar Energy are listed below: 

  • One of the major disadvantages of solar power is, it will generate electricity only when the sun is bright and clear. If the solar panels are not fully charged you will not be able to enjoy the fullest of light and heat.
  • Other drawbacks about solar energy is- the cost of installation is not very cheap and affordable if the panels are huge and to be used for multipurpose. For some its expensive, middle class family will not be able to afford.
  • Solar powers are harnessed when the sun rays produces powerful heat and light, so if the weather is bad and gloomy the efficiently of the solar power will also be affected.
  • Moreover, atmospheric pollution will to some extend affect the efficiency of the solar cells. So installing solar panel in the most polluted areas like industrial factories or over crowded cities etc will result in weaker and insufficient power supply to the solar panels.
  • Unfortunately, fossil fuels and other source of energy like electrical power are cost effective or low cost when compared to installing a solar panel. The efficiency and the level of power it produces is another factor to be compared.

The present generation is committed to use solar energy and to avoid using electricity far as possible. The world is encouraging every one of us to install and use solar power inorder to make this world environmentally friendly and free from pollution.

Light up your room, every nook & corner of your house and stay bright and beautiful with the latest innovations of the solar power wherever you live.

Review on Ultra-Compact Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Bose SoundLink Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is here to give you a new way to enjoy advanced audio stereo sound. The competition is on and has become tough for portable wireless Bluetooth developers as the demand for it has been increasing lately. The coming of wireless Bluetooth speaker is a welcoming product for many of us for many reasons. Who would have thought that such a small device can give us excellent warm loud sound with an impressive bass? Thanks to the modern technology for making what we thought would be impossible possible. The market is now flooded with portable wireless speaker with many good features and an outstanding audio sound. Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is one such model that gives you amazing audio sound with many other good features. It is a No1 Best Seller in Boomboxes at Amazon.

‘An ultra compact design with an immersive stereo sound system’ is what most of the users and reviewers said about SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker from Bose. When it comes to music, personally I feel the audio sound is what that matters most. We all want our audio system to sound good; and I believe that’s what this speaker can deliver.

You can easily replace your bigger systems with this portable and dynamic bluetooth speaker. It will easily accommodate almost everywhere be it at your bedroom, kitchen counter, party, beach, bathroom or car. This is not a shower speaker but you can definitely use in a bathroom. For waterproof speaker and bluetooth shower speaker reviews visit Thundering sound website. . Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has become a necessary item in our home today. Now let’s find out why Bose SoundLink Mini is selling like Hot Cakes at the present market.

Product Overview of Bose Mini SoundLink

  • Gives you better natural sound with 2 High Frequency Drivers and a built-in Passive radiator.
  • Loud and clear mid and high sound that is pleasant to ears and thumbing bass sound.
  • Ultra-Compact design that goes where you go.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity of up to 30 feet that easily connects with any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that plays music for 7 hours, recharge quickly and can be replaced.
  • Designed attractively and made for easy operation.
  • A USB port and a 3.5 mm AUX port that lets you connect with other audio source.
  • Solid Aluminum housing for durability and slip-free rubber base for firm setting.
  • Charging cradle that serves as a home base, plays when you charge and also a wall charger included in the box.
  • Full dimension of the unit is 2.3 x 7.1 x 2 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Undistorted Clear Audio Sound

Astounding audio sound quality of Bose SoundLink Mini is what caught the attention and appraisal of many users and reviewers. The carefully chosen two high frequency drivers along with the built-in subwoofer produce the perfect sound that is soothing to our ears, suitable for playing any kind of music genre. The uniquely and masterly constructed design; that is finished in solid aluminum also adds to the great sound performance. It is truly a masterpiece and an ideal mini speaker from Bose. Our choice may differ since we have different taste. But many reviewers and users mentioned that Bose SoundLink Mini sounds far better that other Bluetooth speaker at the same price range. Other great performing speakers which are very popular are like Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and JBL Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Compact-Wireless-Powerful Battery = Everywhere-Anytime Music

A compact design makes this model a portable device. It can sit in your palm or fit in comfortably at your pocket. Grab it and take it anywhere you go and add the fun or sing along your favorite numbers at your kitchen/bedroom, indoors. Experience a hassle-free easy wireless connection through the Bluetooth connectivity that connects any Bluetooth enabled device within 30 feet. All these will not be possible without a battery backup. This model comes with a powerful battery. A rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you playtime of average 7 hours. The charging cradle included in the box serves as a home base for your speaker and charges even when you are playing. A wall charger is also included in the box. One great feature that I like is the user replaceable battery. Even when the battery becomes weak after years of usage, you can replace it with a new one. With all these features combined together in this compact size, everywhere-anytime music is made possible.

Other Extra Needful Features

This model is designed for easy operation. You will find only the volume up and down button on the speaker. All other settings are controlled from your device. Anyone can handle this unit without any difficulty. Other important extra features that you get are the USB port and the AUX in port. The USB port lets you connect the speaker to your PC/Mac or even work as a charging device for your phone or tablet. The AUX In is also another important feature as it allows you to connect with other audio system. Not only giving you only high digital sound, Mini Bose SoundLink allows you perform many other settings through its built-in features. You can also protect your speaker from scratches or any accidental contact through the attractively designed colorful Soft Covers for Bose SoundLink Mini. It is available in different color at an affordable price. Playing the unit and hearing the sound quality and its performance by yourself will tell you why choosing this model is a good value for money. Order it today on Amazon at a relatively fair price and relish the true sound of music.

The Latest Kindle Fire HD 6 – Pros and Cons

Kindle Fire HD 6 is a dedicated e-book reader, which enables readers to read like reading real books and goes even beyond books due to its rich features. It is perhaps the best tablet below $100 with state of the art technology to make reading more fun than ever.


A Quick Look at the Top Features of Kindle Fire HD 6

  • The quad processor is twice the old version of kindle, which is up to1.5 GHz and three times the graphic performance for smooth videos.
  • The 6” HD display is crisp and clear with 252 ppi at a resolution of 1280 X 800 for perfect apps, photos, videos games and much more.
  • The rear camera comes with 2 mega pixels for capturing HD photos and videos and Skype with a secondary camera.
  • Cloud storage offers unlimited space for storing your photos and other contents.
  • There are millions of digital contents, which you can enjoy like movies, android games and apps, songs, books and other social media like Facebook and many more.
  • It is splendid for the whole family with unique profiles for each of the members. Two Amazon accounts can be linked with this kindle, which enable users to share contents like videos, photos, games, books and even apps.
  • Remain connected all the time with this kindle by browsing the web, check emails, edit and view documents.

Synopsis of Kindle Fire HD 6

Kindle Fire HD 6 is in fact the most powerful tablet under 100 dollars, which allow users to read for long sessions primarily because of the screen, which does not glare in the dark and the bright light equally. It means the screen adjusts itself to the conditions of the light on its own. Reading with this kindle does not tire your eyes. It is just pocket- size and very light in weight, which enables readers for a comfortable hold with a single hand while reading and for carrying conveniently in the pocket.

This kindle comes in five variant colors with a rear camera of 2 mega pixels and a front facing camera for taking selfies and share via facebook or youtube and Skype video calls. Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage of your contents so that your cherished memories are always there.

It is great for the whole family because Amazon’s kindle HD 6” offers a unique profile for two adults and four children with personalized social accounts. Amazon’s Freetime allows parents to set a profile for each child allowing unlimited time for reading but does not allow access to videos and games.

It is possible to fling your movies in the kindle to a TV screen while you can browse or sent emails. An X-Ray feature of the kindle enables to follow the lyrics for most of the music and in movies, the details of actors can be easily checked with this feature.

Once you buy this kindle, you can read everywhere with thousands of titles to choose from and take it to school, work or wherever you go. There will be no shortage of fun and excitement with this kindle.

What is New in Kindle Fire HD 6?

Kindle Fire HD 6 features the touch screen for easy interface of apps like the x-ray, Kindle free time, vocabulary builder, dictionary look up and sharing your moments with friends and relatives. In addition to that, it has twice the storage capacity compared with the old generation kindle and the processor is 20% faster for an easy and faster pages turns.

fire hd


Battery life of this kindle is excellent with more than 8 hours of continuous HD video playback and close to 9 hours of mixed use and 4 ½ hours of video gaming. It takes a little over 2 hours to charge the battery.

Kindle HD 6” has a decent screen with good contrast and responsiveness for easy reading and browsing.

It has a world class Dolby audio sound for pleasing ears and it is compact in size for a comfortable handling wherever you read or go.

It features unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content with internal storage capacity of 8 and 16 GB. It is just the right size for reading and affordable at less than $100.

Buying books is easy and listening to music is seamless with Amazon cloud player.


Haphazard design of kindle fire HD 6 is not impressive with an average built quality.

The recessed logo of Amazon at the back attracts lots of dust and dirt.

The pictures are not sharp and the colors are dull because the front camera is VGA while the rear camera is only 2 megapixels, which is not expected of this kindle. There is no auto focus and flash in the camera.

There is very little customizable interface option in this kindle. Internal storage is not big without any option for memory card slot. It comes without Global positioning System (GPS)


The conventional design with plastic body is intended to minimize the cost for most of the people to afford this kindle for reading. It is not actually made for style with cues but fortunately, it is available in five variant colors. It is not very attractive in looks but considering the price, it is a good choice for those who do lots of reading.

Kindle Voyage vs Paperwhite- Is it worth the upgrade?

paperwhite Vs voyage
Voyage Vs Paperwhite (l x r)

The Amazon is ready yet again to launch a new e-book reader on the advent of this festive season for e-book lovers. The much-awaited Kindle Voyage is due for launching this October and many avid readers may be anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new e-book reader to find out the upgrades of its predecessor.

We know that the Paperwhite kindle is a very good e-book reader with many interesting features for the comfort and ease of reading digitally printed books. However, as we go through the specifications of the company, we notice some differences between the two in features. If you are a new user due to buy e-book reader, it may be helpful for you to read this comparison table and review, which compares the features, convenience, portability, ease of use and the price.Let us have a closer look at the two kindles from the table below:




Kindle Voyage Paperwhite Kindle
Screen Touch screen/ glass/micro etched Touch screen/ plastic/no
Display 330 ppi 212 ppi
Screen flush bezel yes no
Weight for e-reader with Wi-Fi

Weight for e-reader with Wi-Fi + 3G

6.3 ounce

Same thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce

7.3 ounce

Same thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce

dimension 6.4” X 4.5” X 0.3” with Wi-Fi 6.7” X 4.6”X 0.36” with Wi-Fi
Connectivity Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G
Page press technology Yes No
Adaptive front light Yes No
File type supported Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prc Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prc



Standard black


Standard black

Price $ 199 Wi-Fi model

$ 269 Wi-fi + 3G

$ 119 Wi-Fi model

$ 189 Wi-Fi + 3G

Storage 4 GB/ 3000 books 2 GB/ 2000 books
Battery 6 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and front light setting at 10 8 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and front light setting at 10

kindle voyage

Screen: Both the kindles are touch screen but the kindle voyage have glass screen with micro edge whereas, the Paperwhite comes with plastic without the micro edge.The advantage of having the micro edge in Kindle Voyage enables reading in the bright sunlight easily without glare. The micro edged glass diffuses light so that you can read without eyestrain in the sunlight. It is easy to read from any angle as if you are reading a real paper print.

Display: The Kindle Voyage has a screen display of 330 ppi(pixels per inch) in contrast with 212 ppi in the Paperwhite. A wide difference in the pixels will have a much more clarity in letters and sharpness of images. The Paperwhite kindle is clear enough like real paper print with 212 ppi. Then how much more clarity will the voyage have for your eyes with 330 ppi? It has much higher resolution of the screen for easy reading of the contents.

Screen Flush Bezel: Kindle voyage has a screen flush bezel that is not present in the Paperwhite kindle. It is a device with a sensor in the bezel for turning the pages by slightly pressing the bezel. In the case of the old version of the kindle, it needed two hands, one to hold and the other to tap the kindle to turn the pages.

Weight: Both the kindles with Wi-Fi have 6.3 ounce each and Wi-Fi + 3G have an additional weight of 0.3 ounce each.

Adaptive light: Whether you read in the light or in the dark, reading would not be a problem with kindle voyage because of the presence of the adaptive light, which adjusts the brightness automatically to suit your eyes in the dark.

Screen flush bezel: The screen flush bezel is an additional feature that you would not find in the Paperwhite kindle. The screen flush bezel is simply a page button on either side of the display for turning to a new page. You just have to press the bezel with your finger and it will flip to a new page or turn back to the previous page. The sensor is so sensitive to a light pressure that flipping to a new page is just a breeze.

Weight: The kindle voyage with Wi-Fi weighs 6.3 ounce and an additional of 0.3 ounce for the kindle with Wi-Fi +3G whereas; the Paperwhite has 7.3 and 7.6 ounce each for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G respectively. The lighter is the kindle, the better for easy handling of the kindle for long sessions of reading.

Dimension: The kindle voyage is the thinnest ever e-book reader with 0.3” of thickness for the comfort of long hours of reading.This is considerably one of the best for avid readers.

Connectivity: Both the kindles have Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Storage: Kindle voyage provides 4 GB of storage that is enough to have almost 3000 books with you in your pocket. You will have the advantage to carry around your home library wherever you go. Your distant travelling won’t be a bore anymore with kindle voyage in hand.

Color: Black is standard for Amazon’s kindles. So sorry for those who don’t like black because kindle voyage will also be black. However, color should not be an issue for serious readers with so much of advantages for a comfortable reading anywhere.

Price: As indicated above in the table, there is an overall difference of $80 in both the version of kindle voyage and Paperwhite kindle.

Battery life: The company claims that a single charge of three hours will lasts 6 weeks with half an hour reading with front light setting at 10 compared with the Paperwhite kindle at 8 weeks with the same rating.

My Final Thought on Kindle Voyage: Some major improvements are seen in the Kindle Voyage, which we don’t find in the Paperwhite kindle. The increased ppi of 330 from 212 would be incredible for sharper and darker text for a real paper-like reading without glare and eyestrain. Moreover, the page press will simplify in flipping your page or coming back to the previous page by pressing the side of the kindle that has a sensitive sensor below the bezel. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhite kindle. The adaptive front light easily adjusts to the condition of the light that enables the reader to read in the dark and the light alike. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhitekindle whichis an upgrade in the kindle Voyage. Finally, the thickness is only 0.3” for the convenience of handling to do long hours of reading.

The Kindle Voyage has just a few additional features from the Paperwhite Kindle but that is what is important for an avid reader. If you don’t do much reading, the Paperwhite has all the features so you don’t need to spend a whopping 80 dollars just for the three added features. Honestly, if you do lots of reading, this is definitely a better choice because the basic requirements for those who do long sessions of reading are all there in Kindle Voyage, and hence the upgrade for a few dollars more.

Smart Kitchen Appliances for the Working Woman


One of the most pertinent issues that the working woman is concerned about is balancing her work life with her domestic life. Well, yes, a working woman is usually expected to be extra smart; she is expected to make both ends meet. We women usually manage the kitchen daily; what a hustle bustle, and you can’t be late for work! I hope you will agree with me when I say that most men prefer not to go through elaborate household chores. Of course, a remarkable number of men are taking on domestic work quite efficiently. Their love for cooking has taken them to the realm of culinary arts and in fact, I have to admit, some men fare far better than most women. However, household affairs still rest on the shoulders of women even if they are working; so, it is necessary that we make smart choices in home appliances.

Do you ever wish you could organize your kitchen with the help of robotic minions? J It would take a huge load off you. That’s a joke. In fact, technology has revolutionized every sphere of our life, even the most mundane tasks. From cooking and serving to laundry and house cleaning, a new epoch redefined by tech-smart quickness has dawned. Here are some of the smart appliances that the fastidious woman will choose to furnish her Kitchen with:

Simple and Smart Brewing Machines

Early morning, while you are getting a wash up, you can run an Automatic drip Coffee maker and Electric kettles that will help you make a head-start of your day with a good fresh cup of tea or coffee. Indeed, these new automatic machines do work beautifully well to keep your tea or coffee fresh, which will definitely give you a fine boost for a good day ahead. Expresso machines are exceptionally good for boiling water, too.

Mixers, Blenders, Grinders and Toasters

If you got to be smart, you got to eat healthy too. So, you need these smart devices to nimbly fix yourself an ideal breakfast of fresh juice and a sandwich or a tortilla or a toast that can keep you energetic the whole day. These electric appliances work swift and prompt to perform the task it is designed for. I suppose blenders and grinders would do a splendid job in preparing infant food as well.

Sophisticated Cooking Appliances

Induction or electric cooktops, rice cookers or multi-pressure cookers, electric ovens and barbeque grills can help simplify daily cooking incredibly. A wide range of cooking appliances including automatic set and forget cookers or Bluetooth enabled best induction cooktops, rice cookers and coffee makers that does not demand much attention are available in the market. These highly energy efficient appliances are definitely smart choices that work smart. Well, talking of energy efficiency, solar cooking appliances also make good choice. Checkout here for smart induction cooktop reviews and its appliances.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are perfect for reheating food, defrosting meat or other dishes, especially when returning home from work tired and worn out. The specialty of a microwave oven is that it circulates moisturized hot air, which moves in eddies, about the meat or fish to ensure uniform heating. I especially love the way microwave ovens warm up pastries and other delicacies so evenly; inside and out.


Giving your kitchen a clean-up also gets way easier and smoother as your appliances get more innovative, like a sleek induction cooktop that is super easy to clean, rice cookers and coffee makers that clean nice and easy. As sophisticated as these appliances get, much like the self-cleaning oven, they need lesser effort from us in cleaning. For dirty dishes, make the dishwasher your best friend, and for dust and dirt, a vacuum cleaner should simplify the task quite efficiently. Brace yourself with the most elegant and polished kitchen appliances that clean beautifully; it’s a new hi-tech world.


Modern appliances have advanced safety measures that will ensure a smart home, safe from all domestic hazards. The future of our kitchen is camera monitored and Wi-Fi enabled appliances that you can control with your mobile gadgets wherever you may be. Technology is simply efflorescent with the most convenient and user-friendly devices that can help you create your own smart world in your very kitchen. It is up to you to choose the right appliances and gadgets that best fits your purpose. My only advice, do not be prejudiced against the so called hi-tech world; not everything is exorbitant, check them out, a good many of them are reasonably priced.

Why Would You Need Cloud Storage for Peace of Mind


Nowadays, we store all our business files and personal data in our computer, laptop, external drives, mobile, tablet, etc. These files and data are very important and we may need to access it every day. Moreover, almost everyone of us store music or video files in addition to countless pictures in our computer or such other devices. But we come to realize that storing important files in our computer is not safe and secure. What will happen if we lost it, the device break down, it is stolen or malfunction. Once this kind of bad incident happens, all your files will be gone. You may never recover your file or data and you will be left with nothing. It can ruin your work it can ruin your life. And other reason why storing files on our laptop or such devices are not safe is because of those cyber criminals. Many had been a victim of it recently. Those savvy thieves can break into your computer and get all your personal files just by a stroke of a keyboard. So, what are the solution and remedies available for this issue so that we may have a peace of mind?

A Safe Place for Storing Files and Data

Cloud storage is exactly where you can safely store all your important files and data. The encrypted server of the cloud storage provider offers you a secure and private data storage facility. You may not know how many personal information are stored on your computer or laptop. Each time you use your devices, certain footprints are left which can be traced by the cyber criminal. They would eventually steal your identity, find your password and even access your mail and other social media accounts. You can prevent this by storing all your files and information on cloud storage. The encrypted server of such cloud storage provider is a virtual hard drive which a cyber criminal cannot break or access.

Also as I have mentioned earlier as well, storing files on our laptop or external hard drives are not safe. Computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc are prone to high risk such as damage, loss, theft, malfunction, virus attack and many more. You will never recover your important file or information if any such awful incidents take place. This kind of incidents can be avoided by using cloud storage these days. Once you sign up your account with the service provider and store your files and data there. You can have peace of mind knowing that nothing can damage or steal your file and that you can access it from everywhere anytime. Cloud Storage is the only way you can keep things safe and secure these days.

The Best Could Storage you can Choose

With the arrival of cloud storage technology, many companies- large, medium, small are adapting and relying on this modern technology. Many of the top cloud storage will provide you unlimited storage space, sharing option, free storage, free trial, etc. Stated below are the top Cloud Storage Provider that guarantees safety giving you the best features.

  • com (
  • Zipcloud (
  • Dropbox (
  • Zoolz (
  • Livedrive (
  • Carbonite (
  • Backblaze (
  • 4shared (
  • SOS (
  • Mozy (