Role of Information and Communication Technology in Women Empowerment


To change the world, education is the most powerful weapon which you can use. Information and Communications are closely linked and it has the ability to affect change.

ICT includes any communication device or application, encompassing radio and television, cellular phones computer etc.

For Instance, majorities of Indian women are traditional bound and are in disadvantageous position and it is ICT that acts as an emerging powerful tool for women empowerment.

Information communication technologies provide access information through telecommunications which includes the Community radio, wireless networks, cell phones, television radio broadcasting, computer hardware, software and electronic media like internet and electronic mail and other communication mediums and various ICT tools are used to educate and inform women.

Women play a central role in family, community and social development. However, women often remain invisible and unheard and are excluded from discussion because they are often illiterate, lack confidence and mobility. ICT offer the opportunities for direct, interactive communication even by those who lack skills, who are illiterate, lack mobility and have little self confidence.

In the development of any country, women play a pivotal role and it is in their status that best indicates the progress of any nation.

Women in rural areas are often deprived of minimum facilities of enlightenment and education. Growing food, cooking, raising children, caring for the elderly, maintaining a house, hauling water is done by women, and, universally, this work is accorded low status and no pay and are suffering from various problems such as less accessibility to modern information sources.

Women are suffering from various types of problems due to lack of education and information and so women’s empowerment is a must and it is one of the key factors in determining success of development.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are a diverse set of technological tools and resources to create,

Disseminate, store, bring value addition and manage information.

It helps women entails building up the abilities and skills to gain insight into the issues affecting them and also building up their capacity to voice their concerns.

Through ICT, women experienced social empowerment because they access to new and useful knowledge, information and awareness about a range of issues, topics and activities of interest to women. This new information and knowledge often provide mental stimulation and broadened participants’ thinking, advice and support in using email and the Internet, providing  a way that often met the participant’s needs very well.

In this fast changing world and era of information technology,various ICT tools are used to educate and inform the rural people.

Right information given at the right time can empower the rural women and protect them from various problems. Various ICTs, such as radio, television, mobile phone and internet are used for empowering the rural women via awareness, education and information. Community radio, a participatory medium of communication, can be used for empowerment of rural women.

Not just the process of imparting literacy and numeracy but a process of socialization, education helps children cope with the natural and the social environment. This need emerged from the basic concern that irrespective of caste, creed, location or sex, all children must be given access to education of comparable standards.

Lack of knowledge of nutrition leads to high maternal mortality and infant mortality rates. Rural people have a low level of nutritional education and it is further compounded by irregular visits of health and Aanganwadi workers for nutrition education. Their contribution is hindered by lack of communication and other infrastructural facilities. In addition, lack of medical amenities for childbirth was the other factor affecting the health of women. These issues can be erased and eliminated by proper information and Communication or by way of interpersonal communication, however media with penetration to the grass roots level is required, and this wide reach can be achieved by community radio.

Various programs related to health, employment, education and other aspects have been initiated by the government.

Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century and has significantly changed the way modern people communicate and has created a global village because of its speed and worldwide reach in which people can communicate as if they are living next door.

In India, presently only one third of users who use the internet are women and lack of easy access to internet and its relevance in their daily lives are some of the biggest barriers for women to get online. To empower women even further, Google India has launched an initiative called ‘Helping women to use the online medium more effectively. The use of solar energy would also help where there is electricity problem in the rural areas.

The arrival of the internet has opened many possibilities for many people and it help people to connect it easily and create new content services and communities channels of communication that help people to deliver information and services.

Social Internet gave advantages to enhance and allows people to find and keep in touch with friends whom they might have otherwise lost touch and it helps in keeping information well and to help them keep up-to-date with the changing world.

It is through access to modern media of communication and information that the development of a society largely depends and through it women empowerment can be achieved.

Top Three Induction Cooktops Under $100

The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800 watt, The Duxtop 1800 watt and the Nuwave pic2 precision cooktops have been selectively chosen as the top of the price range based on research, reviews and customer feedbacks of the products.

 The Max Burton 6200

max_burton_620_cooktopThis cooktop comes with 10 different heat settings with LED display for precise heating of the food. The push buttons are very sensitive to the touch and therefore, it is very convenient for the users. The automatic power shut off system is excellent because once the temperature is set, it automatically shut off on its own when the time pars. Finally, it has compatible cookware detector, which means when the pan or the pot is not on the top, it won’t work and even if we placed an incompatible cookware, it will not work. Such features make induction cooktop more popular than electric cooktop.

The Duxtop 1800

The Duxtop 1800 cooktop is a sleek and compact cooktop powered with modern technology for the comfort of the users. It can be cooked with just 120 voltage of power. It is very simple to use one of the top induction cooktop priced under $100. It is quite efficient in power consumption. The cooktop has a timer which can be set from five minutes to three hours making multitasking in the kitchen possible. It also comes with easy to push buttons on a clear LED display. Once the timer is set, you will be informed when the temperature is getting too high or low. And because of its light weight it can conveniently carried wherever there is power supply.

The Nuwave pic2 Precision Cooktop2

This cooktop has some excellent features which make it outstanding among the cooktops. It has a memory program which can be set upto 100 hours. It is helpful for cooking complex recipes. The set program can also be delayed depending on the convenience of the user. It has a temperature range of 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit with 52 different settings at an increment of 10 degrees at a time. So this makes it possible to get the kind of food we want. It can be used for deep fry, grilling, boiling and barbecue. Moreover, its round shape saves space in small kitchens.

All these three cooktops are excellent in style, easy to clean, easy to use, efficient in power consumption, cheap in price yet performs great like other high end cooktops. Based on several research, user’s rating, honest feedback and thorough reviews of the cooktops, nothing compares with these cooktops.

Is Solar Energy a boon for the Community?


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Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. Solar power is essentially electricity generated from the energy contained within the sun’s rays.

The sun’s rays contain photons. These photons are capable of transforming electrons into conductive electrons, and such electrons carry an electrical charge. When harness the sun’s rays produce power for the community, homes and for business purposes. .

Solar energy is commonly known as solar radiation and it contains a significant amount of energy that is able to harness in a number of ways. Once solar energy is harnessed it can be used to provide a source of electricity.

It is most often used in remote locations, although it’s becoming more and more popular even in urban areas such as cities.

What are some of the Important Advantages of Solar Energy?  

  • Power generated from Solar energy is helping thousands of people in many parts of the world to live a more environmentally friendly and cost effective lifestyle. The solar electricity kit is a perfect means of harnessing significant levels of solar energy in most of the remote locations.
  • Solar panels give off no pollution; the only pollution produced as a result of solar panels is the manufacturing of these devices in factories, transportation of the goods, and during installation.
  • One of the greatest advantages of solar energy is the ability to harness electricity in remote locations that are not linked to a national grid. A prime example of this is in space, where satellites are powered by high efficiency solar cells.
  • The production of energy from the use of fossil and some renewable fuels like wind mills can be noisy, yet solar energy produces electricity very quietly.
  • Another advantage of the solar energy is the cost. Although the initial investment of solar cells may be high, once installed, it provides free source of electricity in the long run.
  • Solar panels can be installed on top of many rooftops, which eliminate the problem of finding the required space for solar panel placement.
  • Another advantage of the solar energy is the cost. Although the initial investment of solar cells may be high, once installed, it provides free source of electricity in the long run.
  • The installation of solar panels in remote locations is usually much more cost effective than laying the required high voltage wires.
  • Solar energy can be very efficient in numerous ways, and new technologies allow for a more efficient energy production. You are able to produce solar power for your home through increasingly easier and cheaper methods than other energy source.
  • The use of solar energy to produce electricity allows the user to become less dependent on the worlds fossil fuel supplies.
  • Newer technologies have enabled us to store the solar electricity we harness through the use of solar power battery charges. This is a huge advantage of why you should integrate solar power to influence your home power supply.
  • One of the main advantages of a solar power system for your home is the lack of pollution given off by solar panels when generating electricity.
  • Another advantage of solar energy is that, the energy source (the sun) is completely renewable unlike the other source which is probably generating power supply.

Some of the Disadvantages of Solar Energy are listed below: 

  • The Solar energy generates electricity during daytime or only during sunny days. If the solar panels are not properly or fully charged you may not be able to use for the rest of the whole night.
  • The major disadvantage of solar energy is the initial cost of solar cells. The costs of the highly efficient solar cells are very expensive, and some households will need more than one panel. So, this makes the installation of solar panels very costly.
  • The weather can affect the efficiency of solar cells since it mainly depends on sun rays to produce and convert into electricity for household and other purposes.
  • Pollution could be one of the drawbacks of solar energy, the pollution levels can affect solar cells efficiency, this would be a major con for business or industries who wish to install solar panels in very heavily polluted areas, such as metropolitan or crowded cities.
  • The main reason why we do not see large amount of solar energy technology installations is due to price, unfortunately, as the price of the fossil fuels remains lower than the initial investment towards the currently available solar panels, we do not see a mass shift towards solar electricity production.


Today, we have started using Solar energy in many ways, in our day-to-day lives.  Solar energy is a renewable energy; it will always be there till the sun keeps shining. As long as the sun shines, life on earth will be supported. This is definitely a positive impact of technology on Social life.

How small or big is your community, you could light up every nook and corner of the location and stay bright and beautiful with the latest innovations of the Solar Power.

Sony Xperia Neo L, a Smart Phone with a Difference

Sony is always at its best to give quality products to customers in gadgets. There are different versions of smart phones of Sony with rich features with a slight difference in looks. Sony Xperia Neo L is an amazing phone with sleek looks and rich features.

The best features of Sony Xperia Neo L at a glance

  • Bluetooth 4.0.4 version
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • 5 mega pixel rear camera and 1.3 front camera
  • 1800 Mah battery
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Supports whatsapp
  • Tethering and portable hotspot

This android phone from Sony has a Bluetooth Version of 4.0.4. It is compatible with almost all the phones if it is in the pairing list of the phone. Sharing photos, music and videos is very simple and fast as well.

Whether it is music or videos, it is very crisp and clear to listen and the picture quality is amazing. Listening to music with the earpiece is yet better with xloud features. You will never be tired of listening or watching movies on the big screen with a dynamic sound.

The company offers 4 GB internal memory for storing your music files, images, videos, games and any other apps for your phone. In addition to that, it supports up to 32 GB of external storage. You can have as much fun as you wish and save the moments of life in your phone.

The picture quality is amazing in both video format and photos. Your mobile phone is always with you in your pocket to capture the moments of life wherever you are. No matter whether you are professional or not, it will give you the result of a professional picture with different settings for different lighting conditions. It is easily done if we keep the camera at auto setting so that you don’t have to bother for changing the setting every time you get a click. The 5.0 megapixel is quite enough for capturing the best of you and for video calling or skype, the front camera has 1.3 pixels.

The battery has 1800 Mah, which enough to last at least 08 hours of surfing the net and 12 hours of talk time and 24 hours of listening to music and 6/7 hours of gaming.

The screen is touch sensitive and so unli9ke many smart phones with touch problem, Sony gives its best shot in Xperia Neo L for the convenience of the users. You will never be down with this phone for taking the commands you give.

You don’t need to download Whatsapp separately from other operators because it is installed in it but you have to update from time to time. It is one of the best apps for sharing your thoughts, moments and even videos because texting or sending image or video is completely free.

This phone can be used  for tethering with a USB or  as a hot spot for connecting with the internet. If you don’t have a Wi-fi router that is not a problem as long as you have this phone with you because you can make this phone as the hot spot for your laptop, or pc as the hotspot for connecting with the internet.

What is Not So Good About This Phone?

Well, the front camera could have been better for selfies or skype and the battery needs to be charged after every five hours of continuous use.

Lack of zoom in the camera is another setback of the phone and it is irritating to download apps other than from android market because it keeps saying that it is not safe to download from non-android market. As for the rest, it is a good phone.

Conclusion: This phone is available in two colors; black and white with curves at the top and the bottom. It is sleek in looks and beautiful in design. It is user friendly as Sony always does and not so costly for the rich features it offers. It is just above the entry level of smart phones in price. You will never regret buying this phone for what it gives you. Buy it because It’s now or never.

Impact of Technology On Communication in Social Life

Technology in broad term is an application of knowledge, tools and materials in order to solve problems and to extend human capabilities. Technology has been continuously improving since time immemorial and so does communication. Even in olden days, there were different modes of communication for different purposes. Now, in modern time technology has become so advanced that communication has drastically changed. It is not what it used to be. This change in ways of communication is largely due to the advancement in technology.

 A Closer Look at How Technology Have Impacts on Communication in Social Life

During the ancient days, letters were sent through pigeons but when roads were constructed and automobiles came into existence, it became comparatively easier to reach long destinations. Technology further improved and the way people communicate changed. Later, when telegram came into existence, there was another change in the way people communicate. Finally, telephones and emails became the best form of communication that technology brought for the society but it does not end there. Technology further improved further and further until the world became a global village with internet facilities even in the remotest part of the world.

The method of communication changes with the advancement in technology. From hand- written letters to voice calls over the phone to face to face video calling or conference are just a few examples to mention on the changes of communication. Technology and communication always go hand in hand. Technology keeps on improving in order to improve communication. The manners we communicate also changes with the advancement in technology.

Near and dear ones at distant places are always in touch with each other either by phone calls, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social Medias.

The world is in our fingertips now because what is happening in the distant place can be seen easily with our smart phones, laptops, computers or televisions.

With the advancement in technology, some developed countries have introduced ebook readers and laptops for each student in the classrooms. Each child is allowed to explore the world of knowledge beyond the prescribed textbooks. Such advantageous children will excel over those who do not get such chances.

For college and university goers, they don’t need to buy or borrow physical books as it is available online without having to spend so much for it. All they need is a laptop or ipad with internet connection to get the desired study materials. It means they spend less money and get more materials to study.

The trend of work culture has also changed with the change in technology because you can work at home with your laptop provided there is the internet connection and spend more time with your children or family members.

In the past people might be able to play hide and seek but now, they can’t escape from technology because you are just a call or a click away.

A few disadvantages of technology in communication

Those who solely depends on laptops or other gadgets to communicate with friends, they commit lots of spelling mistakes when the need to write on the board or drafting a few things. This is because of too much dependency on the computer to auto correct the mistakes.

It causes damage to our vision due to excess use of computer, laptop, smart phone or whatever gadgets.

Some people use this technology for their advantage to commit crimes like hacking somebody’s account and for blackmailing them. This is actually not a disadvantage but an abuse of the system.

Conclusion: There are always advantages and disadvantages in every creation of technology but as long as we use properly without abusing them, the disadvantages are negligible.