Role of Information and Communication Technology in Women Empowerment


Education is one of the most powerful and effective weapon to change the world and its inhabitance. Communication and information are closely related to one another and it has the ability and power to bring about many changes.

The Information and Communication Technology includes a number of communicational devices and many other applications. This may include like radio, television, newspapers and internet etc.

In the past or even today there are many women in the world who are traditional bound, and are still living a disadvantageous life, however with the help the information technology and communication many women have been liberated from such bondages and it has greatly empowered them.

With the development of the communication technologies, passing and receiving information has become much easier and faster with the help of the telecommunication channels such as radio, cell phones, television, computer, wireless devices, internet connectively and other social medias.

Such mediums of communication are often used as a tool to educate and empower women.

In the family, women play a very important role, at the same time they have a crucial role to play in the development of the society or community. But in most cases women’s voice are often unheard & unnoticed since they lack education or are illiterate or they lack confidence in themselves. So, information technology played a very important role in educating, training and empowering women to stand on their feet and contribute their best for the growth of the society and nation.

Women’s play a pivotal role in the development of the nation, so they have to take up their responsibilities and do their best for the growth of the country.

In most of the undeveloped and developing countries, women are still deprived of their rights, such as right to education, right to freedom of expression and many more. They are treated badly by their husbands, they are ask to take care of their children, cook food for the entire household, clean houses, wash dishes and to look after the old aged member of the family.

Due to lack of information and education, women around the world especially in underdeveloped countries, suffer from various kinds of problems in the family, in community and in the society.

Therefore, educating and empowering women is one of the most important factors in determining and accomplishing the role of information technology and the success of the country at large.

The role of Information and Communication Technology is very powerful and essential especially in empowering women. It will help them to build up confidence in themselves to voice their concerns and speak out and stand up for their rights without any fear. And also to and acquire knowledge and skills about various issues that affects women in general.

In developed countries women are experiencing social empowerment and more freedom when compared to underdeveloped countries. The reason being, they have access to various information about anything. So they are aware of what is happening in and around them.

For example, access to Internet and use of SmartPhones and watching television etc will help them to stay connected and be in touch with one another whenever they needed support and assistance. Information technology is one tool that will help women free from various barriers.

The importance of communication technology of the present world is increasing, it’s role in the development and empowerment of women in particular can never be taken for granted.

Important and useful information given at the right time will help people to escape from various dangers and it will in return help the society at large to face though challenge successfully.

The communication channels like that of a radio, television, mobile phones and the internet facilities that are available in the present generation are quite effective and useful for educating, training, connecting and sharing information even to the remotest locations.

With the advancement of the present technology, the world that we live in is getting smarter, smaller and easier to live in. In the part the use of Solar Energy, is very less but, today the world is very conscious about the damages and effects of the environment that we live in.

Social and environmental issues that we face in our day today life, is one of the hottest topic which is as important as the problems that the women are facing in the world.

There are various other programs related to education, health and employment that have been addressed by media on daily basis. Such issues are taken seriously when it’s flashed in the newspapers and television.

On the other hand, empowering women and encouraging them to move forward to take up various challenges inorder to emancipate other women who are still in bondage and to give them the support and encouragement to experience the joy and freedom which they needed the most.

The greatest development of the 20th century is the introduction and use of Internet; it has drastically changed the way people communicate to one another. The world is becoming a global village with the advancement of the recent technologies; especially the information and communication sector is speedily growing.

Inability to access internet due to lack of education is one of the greatest barrier faced by many women in the world. So educating and training them to access internet and other media will definitely enhance their status and in return improve their lifestyle and living standard.

This is one way of empowering and encouraging women to play effective role in the development of the society and the country at large.

In most of the remote areas where there is no electric supply, the use of solar energy should be encouraged, and government should take up such projects in rural areas.

Internet had opened many doors and opportunities for millions of people to stay connected to one another without wasting your time and energy. Various channels of communications are also available for people to pass information and other services in much faster and easier way.

Social medias and other technologies for communications have enhanced the way people keep in touch with close friend and family members wherever they are. Distance is no longer a barrier in today’s generation.

Therefore, information and communication technology plays an important role in empowering women to take up their responsibilities and face the challenges that are hindering them to move forward in life.

Top Three Induction Cooktops Under $100

The Max Burton 6200 Deluxe 1800 watt, The Duxtop 1800 watt and the Nuwave pic2 precision cooktops have been selectively chosen as the top of the price range based on research, reviews and customer feedbacks of the products.

 The Max Burton 6200

max_burton_620_cooktopThis cooktop comes with 10 different heat settings with LED display for precise heating of the food. The push buttons are very sensitive to the touch and therefore, it is very convenient for the users. The automatic power shut off system is excellent because once the temperature is set, it automatically shut off on its own when the time pars. Finally, it has compatible cookware detector, which means when the pan or the pot is not on the top, it won’t work and even if we placed an incompatible cookware, it will not work. Such features make induction cooktop more popular than electric cooktop.

The Duxtop 1800

The Duxtop 1800 cooktop is a sleek and compact cooktop powered with modern technology for the comfort of the users. It can be cooked with just 120 voltage of power. It is very simple to use one of the top induction cooktop priced under $100. It is quite efficient in power consumption. The cooktop has a timer which can be set from five minutes to three hours making multitasking in the kitchen possible. It also comes with easy to push buttons on a clear LED display. Once the timer is set, you will be informed when the temperature is getting too high or low. And because of its light weight it can conveniently carried wherever there is power supply.

The Nuwave pic2 Precision Cooktop2

This cooktop has some excellent features which make it outstanding among the cooktops. It has a memory program which can be set upto 100 hours. It is helpful for cooking complex recipes. The set program can also be delayed depending on the convenience of the user. It has a temperature range of 100 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit with 52 different settings at an increment of 10 degrees at a time. So this makes it possible to get the kind of food we want. It can be used for deep fry, grilling, boiling and barbecue. Moreover, its round shape saves space in small kitchens.

All these three cooktops are excellent in style, easy to clean, easy to use, efficient in power consumption, cheap in price yet performs great like other high end cooktops. Based on several research, user’s rating, honest feedback and thorough reviews of the cooktops, nothing compares with these cooktops.

Kindle Voyage vs Paperwhite- Is it worth the upgrade?


The Amazon is ready yet again to launch a new e-book reader on the advent of this festive season for e-book lovers. The much-awaited Amazon Kindle Voyage is due for launching this October and many avid readers may be anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new e-book reader to find out the upgrades of its predecessor. Kindle Voyage Vs Kindle Paperwhite is the keen comparison among Kindle fans.

We know that the Paperwhite kindle is a very good e-book reader with many interesting features for the comfort and ease of reading digitally printed books. However, as we go through the specifications of the company, we notice some differences between the two in features. If you are a new user due to buy e-book reader, it may be helpful for you to read this comparison table and review, which compares the features, convenience, portability, ease of use and the price. Let us have a closer look at the two kindles from the table below:

Comparison Kindle Voyage                                           Paperwhite Kindle
Screen Touch screen/ glass/micro etched Touch screen/ plastic/no
Display 330 ppi 212 ppi
Screen flush bezel yes   no
Weight for e-reader with Wi-FiWeight for e-reader with Wi-Fi + 3G 6.3 ounceSame thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce 7.3 ounceSame thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce
dimension 6.4” X 4.5” X 0.3”  with Wi-Fi 6.7” X 4.6”X 0.36” with Wi-Fi
Connectivity Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G
Page press technology Yes No
Adaptive front light Yes No
File type supported Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prc Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prccolor

Standard black

Standard black

Price $ 199 Wi-Fi model$ 269 Wi-fi + 3G $ 119 Wi-Fi model$ 189 Wi-Fi + 3G
Storage 4 GB/ 3000 books 2 GB/ 2000 books
Battery 6 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and  front light setting at 10 8 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and  front light setting at 10



Screen: Both the kindles are touch screen but the kindle voyage have glass screen with micro edge whereas, the Paperwhite comes with plastic without the micro edge. The advantage of having the micro edge in Kindle Voyage enables reading in the bright sunlight easily without glare. The micro edged glass diffuses light so that you can read without eyestrain in the sunlight. It is easy to read from any angle as if you are reading a real paper print.

Display: The Kindle Voyage has a screen display of 330 ppi (pixels per inch) in contrast with 212 ppi in the Paperwhite. A wide difference in the pixels will have a much more clarity in letters and sharpness of images. The Paperwhite kindle is clear enough like real paper print with 212 ppi. Then how much more clarity will the voyage have for your eyes with 330 ppi? It has much higher resolution of the screen for easy reading of the contents.

Screen Flush Bezel:  Kindle voyage has a screen flush bezel that is not present in the Paperwhite kindle. It is a device with a sensor in the bezel for turning the pages by slightly pressing the bezel. In the case of the old version of the kindle, it needed two hands, one to hold and the other to tap the kindle to turn the pages.

Weight: Both the kindles with Wi-Fi have 6.3 ounce each and Wi-Fi + 3G have an additional weight of 0.3 ounce each.

Adaptive light: Whether you read in the light or in the dark, reading would not be a problem with kindle voyage because of the presence of the adaptive light, which adjusts the brightness automatically to suit your eyes in the dark.

Screen flush bezel: The screen flush bezel is an additional feature that you would not find in the Paperwhite kindle. The screen flush bezel is simply a page button on either side of the display for turning to a new page. You just have to press the bezel with your finger and it will flip to a new page or turn back to the previous page. The sensor is so sensitive to a light pressure that flipping to a new page is just a breeze.

Weight: The kindle voyage with Wi-Fi weighs 6.3 ounce and an additional of 0.3 ounce for the kindle with Wi-Fi +3G whereas; the Paperwhite has 7.3 and 7.6 ounce each for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G respectively. The lighter is the kindle, the better for easy handling of the kindle for long sessions of reading.

Dimension: The kindle voyage is the thinnest ever e-book reader with 0.3” of thickness for the comfort of long hours of reading. This is considerably one of the best for avid readers.

Connectivity: Both the kindles have Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Storage: Kindle voyage provides 4 GB of storage that is enough to have almost 3000 books with you in your pocket. You will have the advantage to carry around your home library wherever you go. Your distant travelling won’t be a bore anymore with kindle voyage in hand.

Color: Black is standard for Amazon’s kindles. So sorry for those who don’t like black because kindle voyage will also be black. However, color should not be an issue for serious readers with so much of advantages for a comfortable reading anywhere.

Price: As indicated above in the table, there is an overall difference of $80 in both the version of kindle voyage and Paperwhite kindle.

Battery life:  The company claims that a single charge of three hours will lasts 6 weeks with half an hour reading with front light setting at 10 compared with the Paperwhite kindle at 8 weeks with the same rating.

My Final Thought on Kindle Voyage: Some major improvements are seen in the Kindle Voyage, which we don’t find in the Paperwhite kindle. The increased ppi of 330 from 212 would be incredible for sharper and darker text for a real paper-like reading without glare and eyestrain. Moreover, the page press will simplify in flipping your page or coming back to the previous page by pressing the side of the kindle that has a sensitive sensor below the bezel. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhite kindle. The adaptive front light easily adjusts to the condition of the light that enables the reader to read in the dark and the light alike. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhite kindle which is an upgrade in the kindle Voyage. Finally, the thickness is only 0.3” for the convenience of handling to do long hours of reading.

The Kindle Voyage has just a few additional features from the Paperwhite Kindle but that is what is important for an avid reader. If you don’t do much reading, the Paperwhite has all the features so you don’t need to spend a whopping 80 dollars just for the three added features. Honestly, if you do lots of reading, this is definitely a better choice because the basic requirements for those who do long sessions of reading are all there in Kindle Voyage, and hence the upgrade for a few dollars more.

Is Solar Energy a boon for the Community?


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Solar Energy is an energy produce with the help of sunlight. The sun rays are collected in a panel in order to generate electricity. Solar powers are also used for other various purposes today.

The sunlight or sun rays are capable of generating electricity since it contains photons which are later converted into conductive electrons. When the sun’s energy in converted into solar power it can be used for lighting your homes and the nearby surrounding or for many other applications.

Solar powers are frequently used in rural areas and in remote locations. Today, it’s almost everywhere. Wherever you go you will see solar street lamps being installed in most of the towns and cities of the world.

What are some of the Important Advantages of Solar Energy?  

  • The increasing use of solar power is making the world a better place to live in, since the environment is getting cleaner and eco-friendly. Energy generated form sunlight is helping millions of people in the world.
  • Solar Power is pollution free and in fact, this energy is absolutely free of charge once it’s properly installed for generating electricity. Among the list of other sources, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy next to wind energy.
  • The greatest benefit of using solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere even in the remotest place where there is no other means of power supply. Even in space solar cells are used to launch powerful satellites in order to telecast what’s happening around us.
  • Modern gadgets that are available in the world market use solar cells to run the devices.
  • There are many other sources where electricity can be harnessed, such us wind, fossil, and water however, sun energy is one of the purest and quietest source with less noise and pollution.
  • Other advantageous of using solar power is the consuming cost. Compare to other sources it’s highly cheap and affordable through installation may not be that cheap. But it’s a lifetime investment.
  • Today, solar panels that are installed in your home are often used for generating power for various electronic devices such as television, Sony Xperia smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • The best thing about solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere and it will not occupy much space. It’s easily installable on your rooftop or at any place or location where the solar panel can be fixed temporarily or permanently.
  • Solar panel installation is easy and much faster and convenient when compared to installing electrical wires. Moreover, it can be installed even in the remotest locations.
  • Using more of solar energy and less dependent on other sources like the fossil fuel will help in creating environment friendly world and greener world.
  • Solar energy can be saved and stored with the help of the advanced technologies of solar batteries which are rechargeable. You can easily charge the battery when your kindle e-reader is down and unable to read your favorite novel.
  • Lastly but not the least, the sun is a renewable source of energy, so no matter how long and how much you use it will never end as long as the sun keeps shinning. Solar energy is a renewable energy which is highly reliable and trustworthy.

Some of the Disadvantages of Solar Energy are listed below: 

  • One of the major disadvantages of solar power is, it will generate electricity only when the sun is bright and clear. If the solar panels are not fully charged you will not be able to enjoy the fullest of light and heat.
  • Other drawbacks about solar energy is- the cost of installation is not very cheap and affordable if the panels are huge and to be used for multipurpose. For some its expensive, middle class family will not be able to afford.
  • Solar powers are harnessed when the sun rays produces powerful heat and light, so if the weather is bad and gloomy the efficiently of the solar power will also be affected.
  • Moreover, atmospheric pollution will to some extend affect the efficiency of the solar cells. So installing solar panel in the most polluted areas like industrial factories or over crowded cities etc will result in weaker and insufficient power supply to the solar panels.
  • Unfortunately, fossil fuels and other source of energy like electrical power are cost effective or low cost when compared to installing a solar panel. The efficiency and the level of power it produces is another factor to be compared.

The present generation is committed to use solar energy and to avoid using electricity far as possible. The world is encouraging every one of us to install and use solar power in order to make this world environmentally friendly and free from pollution.

Light up your room, every nook & corner of your house and stay bright and beautiful with the latest innovations of the solar power wherever you live.

Sony Xperia Neo L, a Smart Phone with a Difference

Sony is always at its best to give quality products to customers in gadgets. There are different versions of smart phones of Sony with rich features with a slight difference in looks. Sony Xperia Neo L is an amazing phone with sleek looks and rich features.

The best features of Sony Xperia Neo L at a glance

  • Bluetooth 4.0.4 version
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • 4 GB internal memory
  • 5 mega pixel rear camera and 1.3 front camera
  • 1800 Mah battery
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Supports whatsapp
  • Tethering and portable hotspot

This android phone from Sony has a Bluetooth Version of 4.0.4. It is compatible with almost all the phones if it is in the pairing list of the phone. Sharing photos, music and videos is very simple and fast as well.

Whether it is music or videos, it is very crisp and clear to listen and the picture quality is amazing. Listening to music with the earpiece is yet better with xloud features. You will never be tired of listening or watching movies on the big screen with a dynamic sound.

The company offers 4 GB internal memory for storing your music files, images, videos, games and any other apps for your phone. In addition to that, it supports up to 32 GB of external storage. You can have as much fun as you wish and save the moments of life in your phone.

The picture quality is amazing in both video format and photos. Your mobile phone is always with you in your pocket to capture the moments of life wherever you are. No matter whether you are professional or not, it will give you the result of a professional picture with different settings for different lighting conditions. It is easily done if we keep the camera at auto setting so that you don’t have to bother for changing the setting every time you get a click. The 5.0 megapixel is quite enough for capturing the best of you and for video calling or skype, the front camera has 1.3 pixels.

The battery has 1800 Mah, which enough to last at least 08 hours of surfing the net and 12 hours of talk time and 24 hours of listening to music and 6/7 hours of gaming.

The screen is touch sensitive and so unli9ke many smart phones with touch problem, Sony gives its best shot in Xperia Neo L for the convenience of the users. You will never be down with this phone for taking the commands you give.

You don’t need to download Whatsapp separately from other operators because it is installed in it but you have to update from time to time. It is one of the best apps for sharing your thoughts, moments and even videos because texting or sending image or video is completely free.

This phone can be used  for tethering with a USB or  as a hot spot for connecting with the internet. If you don’t have a Wi-fi router that is not a problem as long as you have this phone with you because you can make this phone as the hot spot for your laptop, or pc as the hotspot for connecting with the internet.

What is Not So Good About This Phone?

Well, the front camera could have been better for selfies or skype and the battery needs to be charged after every five hours of continuous use.

Lack of zoom in the camera is another setback of the phone and it is irritating to download apps other than from android market because it keeps saying that it is not safe to download from non-android market. As for the rest, it is a good phone.

Conclusion: This phone is available in two colors; black and white with curves at the top and the bottom. It is sleek in looks and beautiful in design. It is user friendly as Sony always does and not so costly for the rich features it offers. It is just above the entry level of smart phones in price. You will never regret buying this phone for what it gives you. Buy it because It’s now or never.

Impact of Technology On Communication in Social Life

Technology in broad term is an application of knowledge, tools and materials in order to solve problems and to extend human capabilities. Technology has been continuously improving since time immemorial and so does communication. Even in olden days, there were different modes of communication for different purposes. Now, in modern time technology has become so advanced that communication has drastically changed. It is not what it used to be. This change in ways of communication is largely due to the advancement in technology.

 A Closer Look at How Technology Have Impacts on Communication in Social Life

During the ancient days, letters were sent through pigeons but when roads were constructed and automobiles came into existence, it became comparatively easier to reach long destinations. Technology further improved and the way people communicate changed. Later, when telegram came into existence, there was another change in the way people communicate. Finally, telephones and emails became the best form of communication that technology brought for the society but it does not end there. Technology further improved further and further until the world became a global village with internet facilities even in the remotest part of the world.

The method of communication changes with the advancement in technology. From hand- written letters to voice calls over the phone to face to face video calling or conference are just a few examples to mention on the changes of communication. Technology and communication always go hand in hand. Technology keeps on improving in order to improve communication. The manners we communicate also changes with the advancement in technology.

Near and dear ones at distant places are always in touch with each other either by phone calls, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social Medias.

The world is in our fingertips now because what is happening in the distant place can be seen easily with our smart phones, laptops, computers or televisions.

With the advancement in technology, some developed countries have introduced ebook readers and laptops for each student in the classrooms. Each child is allowed to explore the world of knowledge beyond the prescribed textbooks. Such advantageous children will excel over those who do not get such chances.

For college and university goers, they don’t need to buy or borrow physical books as it is available online without having to spend so much for it. All they need is a laptop or ipad with internet connection to get the desired study materials. It means they spend less money and get more materials to study.

The trend of work culture has also changed with the change in technology because you can work at home with your laptop provided there is the internet connection and spend more time with your children or family members.

In the past people might be able to play hide and seek but now, they can’t escape from technology because you are just a call or a click away.

A few disadvantages of technology in communication

Those who solely depends on laptops or other gadgets to communicate with friends, they commit lots of spelling mistakes when the need to write on the board or drafting a few things. This is because of too much dependency on the computer to auto correct the mistakes.

It causes damage to our vision due to excess use of computer, laptop, smart phone or whatever gadgets.

Some people use this technology for their advantage to commit crimes like hacking somebody’s account and for blackmailing them. This is actually not a disadvantage but an abuse of the system.

Conclusion: There are always advantages and disadvantages in every creation of technology but as long as we use properly without abusing them, the disadvantages are negligible.