Apple iPad4 With Retina Display Is Truly The King Of Tablet

Wherever we might be or whatever we might be doing, it is true that we see technology advancement at a very fast pace. And it is transforming our lifestyle to a higher standard. The high technology modern gadgets like television, mobile, laptop, tablet and many other home and kitchen appliances are the most attractive devices that lure this modern generation. Every new product or an upgrade brings something new that absolutely gives superior and higher quality result. In this high advancing modern world, a product that is new today can become outdated or unwanted just within few weeks or months. Such is the advancement of technology these days. We rather look for the quality of the product and its overall performance, putting aside the price tag.


We all know that Apple had been producing one of the best gadgets which many of us aspire and appreciate highly. The new iPad 4 with Retina Display is the dawn breaker and an upgraded device that every person would want to lay their hands on. It is true that this upgrade is made available just after 7 months of its predecessor the iPad 3. Those people who have laid their hands on the iPad 3 would be upset that a newer version is made available in just few months. But of course, they can return it to buy the latest version or continue using it. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of changes that comes with the latest version iPad 4, which makes it the ‘King of Tablet’.

Have a Look at the Product Overview

  • Upgraded 10 inches screen with retina display of 9.7 inches.
  • This amazing gadget is made available in pure black and white color.
  • The new A6X dual core processor functions twice the speed of its predecessor.
  • Features rear camera of 5 megapixels and a front video chat camera of 1.2 megapixels (720 pixels resolution).
  • Higher speed Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 1 GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and even 128GB.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • Unlimited apps.
  • Upto 10 hour battery life.
  • Multi touch screen.

Product Dimension

Apple iPad Fourth Generation has a wider screen of 10 inches. It weighs 1.44 pounds and the thickness is 0.37 inches. Its height is 9.5 inches and width is 7.31 inches.

Inside the box you will find a refurbished iPad 4 with Retina Display, USB power adapter, lightning to USB cable and a user manual.

What makes iPad4 the Most Wanted Device

The fact that the screen display is upgraded to 10 inches, and that also with a retina display change it all. It makes everything look lifelike and crystal clear. Text looks sharper and the colors are vibrant that will make reading or viewing pictures or videos easy to eyes and more fun. The wider screen means you can comfortably watch movie. You can surely replace your laptop with this iPad and prolong the life of your laptop. It can go conveniently anywhere you go so that you will never miss out your emails or important files.

With the upgraded hardware A6X dual core processor, the new iPad4 is twice faster than its competitors. It runs with the most advanced iOS mobile operating system. The dual core processor takes lesser time to open big files and also you will not notice any speed slowdown even when you open many apps or files. Games will run smoothly and perfectly.

Other good features this new iPad offers include the better battery life. Even though the screen is made bigger, the battery life is still remarkable. It can run effectively 10 hours when on Wi-Fi. Also the new upgrade made browsing more fun and reliable because the Wi-Fi connection now runs twice the speed of the previous model. You can browse through 95% of the websites without any problem. The FaceTime camera is 1.2MP and can give 720 pixel resolution of video chatting. It features a smart iSight camera of 5MP that supports a 1080p HD video recording. This upgrade brings over 300,000 apps that make it limitless of what you can do. It enables multi touch screen and also has a voice sensor. You will be able to send text message, write notes, check or open emails, search web, etc through the dictation feature. Talking will do all the search for you. A smart cover is available in different color so that your much loved iPad will safe and secure from accidental drop or scratch. The company also offers 1 year limited warranty and a 14 days return policy. The overall performance of the Forth Generation iPad cannot be easily surpassed by its rivals. Truly, it is the current King of iPad.