Top 10 Apps You Should Not Miss to Own in 2014


Apps developers are always hungry to develop new applications every now and then for android phones, ipads, iphones, PCs, laptops and tablets to make users update with the latest features for a hassle free use of gadgets. Check out for the recently launched apps, which are a step ahead of its predecessors.

Brainwave Apps for Music Lovers

The recently launched app for music lovers simplify listening to music without physically touching the touch screen of their handsets. The simplicity of this app is that, you just have to use your right hand gestures to operate this application. If you want to skip the music, you have to swipe your hand to the right so that it is moved forward and if you want to search your music at the back, then you have to swipe it backward until your desired music is played. In addition to that, you can hold the music for a few seconds with a gesture. It’s a cool and unique app, which is developed for the first time. It is optimized to use from one to three feet away from the screen. You can easily download this app, which is free of cost.

Group Video Chatskype Qik

Group Video Chatskype Qik is a new app for a group of six to seven persons to chat at a time. The launching of this new app has moved ahead of the old version of one to one Chatskype. Now, it is possible to get a group of your friends from your contact list and start chatting with all of them. If you don’t want to keep the messages, you can delete it right away but you can keep the message at least for two weeks period and after that, it will automatically erase from your device.


Here’s what we call Shazam, a new app for music lovers. There are times when we don’t remember the song that is played in restaurants or bars, we tried hard to recollect the song, and sometimes we even ask our friends to help us remember the song. We even search Google to find out the song, which is very hectic but now with the advancement of technology, apps developers have simplified it with Shazam, which is an app to find out the source, title and the artist simply by holding your phone near the source of music and tap Tag. Shazam will automatically give you all the details of the song.

Kindle App

To be very frank, not everyone wants to spend extra money on buying an e-book reader when there is already a smart phone, a tablet and a computer. Now, it is possible to read in your iphones, ipads and other gadgets by loading up the kindle app on those gadgets without losing the place where you were reading. The moment you open to read, you will be able to browse and get everything from kindle market. You don’t need to invest more for an e-book reader if you have this new app.


Offtime is a very good app for busy people by prioritizing calls, messages and notifications in routine. What this app does is that it allows passing only important calls first. As for instance, if a particular number rings up three to four times consecutively, then the next time it allows this number to come through and the rest are made to hold. If it is kept at unplugging profile, it mutes all calls, messages and notifications.


Automate is an extra ordinary app that does lots of work by a single application. For instance, if anyone is trying to access your password, it takes the photo of that particular person, even toggles the setting for wi-fi, even does the job of sending e-mails, and even reminds you what to do.


Oovoo is a video calling app, which is an alternative for Skype video calls. It allows users to do one to one calls or group calls up to eight persons. Children are very fond of this new app.


Tango is another new app for video calling which automatically allows you to find friend who are using tango. It is very quick to make calls and send messages through smart phones and tablets over 3G, 4G and Wi-fi networks. It is possible to personalize your profile with status updates and profiles with a photo. You can chat up to maximum of fifty persons at a time with this new app.


HERE map, which is a new app from Nokia, is comparable to Google and the likes in accurate mapping and tracking of locations. It has full access even in offline mode for the whole countries and continents.

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim is a new app for group viewing photos, which allow users to select photos, invite friends and view at the same time. However, all friends invited to view should install Micro Xim app to enable viewing the photos at the same time through their own device.

The Apps listed above are new arrivals of 2014 and you should not delay any longer to get it and installed before your friends do.