Why Would You Need Cloud Storage for Peace of Mind


Nowadays, we store all our business files and personal data in our computer, laptop, external drives, mobile, tablet, etc. These files and data are very important and we may need to access it every day. Moreover, almost everyone of us store music or video files in addition to countless pictures in our computer or such other devices. But we come to realize that storing important files in our computer is not safe and secure. What will happen if we lost it, the device break down, it is stolen or malfunction. Once this kind of bad incident happens, all your files will be gone. You may never recover your file or data and you will be left with nothing. It can ruin your work it can ruin your life. And other reason why storing files on our laptop or such devices are not safe is because of those cyber criminals. Many had been a victim of it recently. Those savvy thieves can break into your computer and get all your personal files just by a stroke of a keyboard. So, what are the solution and remedies available for this issue so that we may have a peace of mind?

A Safe Place for Storing Files and Data

Cloud storage is exactly where you can safely store all your important files and data. The encrypted server of the cloud storage provider offers you a secure and private data storage facility. You may not know how many personal information are stored on your computer or laptop. Each time you use your devices, certain footprints are left which can be traced by the cyber criminal. They would eventually steal your identity, find your password and even access your mail and other social media accounts. You can prevent this by storing all your files and information on cloud storage. The encrypted server of such cloud storage provider is a virtual hard drive which a cyber criminal cannot break or access.

Also as I have mentioned earlier as well, storing files on our laptop or external hard drives are not safe. Computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc are prone to high risk such as damage, loss, theft, malfunction, virus attack and many more. You will never recover your important file or information if any such awful incidents take place. This kind of incidents can be avoided by using cloud storage these days. Once you sign up your account with the service provider and store your files and data there. You can have peace of mind knowing that nothing can damage or steal your file and that you can access it from everywhere anytime. Cloud Storage is the only way you can keep things safe and secure these days.

The Best Could Storage you can Choose

With the arrival of cloud storage technology, many companies- large, medium, small are adapting and relying on this modern technology. Many of the top cloud storage will provide you unlimited storage space, sharing option, free storage, free trial, etc. Stated below are the top Cloud Storage Provider that guarantees safety giving you the best features.

  • com (www.justcloud.com)
  • Zipcloud (www.zipcloud.com)
  • Dropbox (www.dropbox.com)
  • Zoolz (www.zoolz.com)
  • Livedrive (www.livedrive.com)
  • Carbonite (www.carbonite.com)
  • Backblaze (www.backblaze.com)
  • 4shared (www.4shared.com)
  • SOS (www.sosonlinebackup.com)
  • Mozy (www.mozy.com)

Technology and Communication Media


The world has advanced far into the age of technology bringing a whole lot of changes. Technology undoubtedly revolutionized every sphere of man’s life. Yes, the impact of technology on man’s lives is immense; that the world is becoming ‘a global village’ is a trite term. In fact, ours is an age of information, each of us need to stay connected to the world of information more than ever. Technology actually gives access to endless information through the internet as well as wireless media, and truly, we love to stay updated. That’s just probably why mass media communication is gaining importance and is capable of making such a huge impact on us.

We are literally living in a society of media and communication media is inevitably one of those factors that create a mass phenomenon. Technology has given communication media the biggest boost; it was through conventional media like radio, telephonic and television broadcasts that communication actually began to reach out to a huge audience, thus making community and technology a co-related subject. Mass communication was a term that acquired its exact connotation only when modern technology emerged with the media revolution. Well, communication media has now acquired a new realm – the digital realm including computer-mediated communication as well as computer networking and telegraphy. And of course, we cannot overlook popular forms of media like newspapers, magazines and book publishing, videos, as well as films.

The new form of communication media uses data transmitters such as wireless satellite, microwave, as well as coaxial cable and fiber optics. Here, communication media acts as the channel for linking various devices to enable interaction amongst them. Talking of our media society, the world is overloaded with headlines, sounds, pixels, prints and mails. Let us discuss some of the smart new gadgets that are revolutionizing the world of communication.


Technology has brought a sea of change from the modern to a newer generation through electronic media redefining our everyday lives. The main purpose of media is to inform and connect people and their ideas, whether public or personal. Invention of Radio was a significant achievement; it was a form of media that allowed global access for the first time. Radio broadcasts had, and still has, widespread appeal indeed; it has considerably improved transmission of news from all corners of the world especially for telegraphic messages. Its use in radar (radio detection and ranging), which helped in locating of aircrafts and ships, is also significant. And that is most probably why pilots essentially use the most sophisticated radio with hi-tech transmitters like the purely digital Aurora 9.


Television also heralded mass media at a far bigger scale, a new generation of mass communication in fact. Television emerged as a popular form of medium, a conduit for entertainment and also became primary in molding public opinion. Commonly known as TV or better yet, Tele, television has evolved through a wide range of technological advancements. Movies and other artistic broadcasts popularized television immensely too, transforming it into one of the most common, or rather seemingly, an indispensable household device. The most sophisticated TV models would be those with LED screen, which has fantastic screen clarity, and yet the latest OLED, which is expected to replace LED in the future, supports even higher screen resolution. Modern Television nowadays have enhanced features including Wi-Fi enabled as well as enormous screen size reaching beyond 110 inches in length.

Digital Phones and Mobile Smartphones

The use of digital phones marked the beginning of automated phones that could store numbers of dialed and received calls or you could program according to the need of time; in other words according to your busy schedule. If a call is missed, you could even leave voice messages which could be recorded for listening later. Progressing from conventional telephones, digital phones heralded the beginning of even more advanced one to one communication.

There’s a new obsession building up in our generation; the urge to stay connected not just with friends and family, but to follow every new development in technology as well as the most happening trends. Mobile smartphones are the right devices; perfect packages of the most sophisticated features that the latest technology had to offer. A smartphone works like a micro-computer with multiple features, almost better actually. It can do everything that contemporary communication media facilitates, such as surfing the internet and exchanging emails, teleconferencing and other internet forums like the current excitement with social networking. Communication became as fluid as a slide on a screen with these latest gadgets. Well, the dawn of yet more refined technology has extended the smartphone technology to smartwatches, which is one of the most snazzy devices.


Technology expedites communication with innovative breakthroughs that always has prospects of improving to perfection. Technology aims as high as the limits of the sky and yet always giving space for precision; we only can expect better and better with the passing of time. It simply is very interesting to speculate how the latest technology will take our world of communication to unimaginable limits.