Which Type of Shaver is the Right Shaver for Your Skin?


Man had long been shaving beards since time immemorial. The methods and techniques used in the past differ from what we have today. Technology is advanced in such a way that shaving has drastically changed. The revolution from manual razor blades to electric shaver has brought quite a lot of changes.

Types of Shaver

Rotary shaver and foil shaver are the two main types of electric shavers. The choice of either of the two shavers solely depends on the type of skin you have. For some, rotary shaver is good and for some, foil shaver is a better option. However, it depends on the type of shaver that your skin adapts to the kind of shaver.

As for majority of the type of skin, foil shaver does better than rotary shavers do. Some rotary shavers cause a lot of pain for people with ingrown hair while foil shavers are gentler to the skin.

In order to choose the right shaver for your skin, first you have to understand the type of skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is better for you to choose foil shaver. If you have ingrown hair, never try rotary shaver because it is really painful to shave.

Which Rotary or Foil Shaver Should You Choose

If you don’t have any problem regarding your skin, you can choose Philips Norelco, which is one of the top rotary shavers but if you have sensitive skin, it is better for you to choose Braun shaver.  You will have both the options to shave both wet and dry. It has a cleaning dock with charge station. In times of emergencies, you can shave dry, if not you can have a wet shave for a smooth and soft skin. You can do cordless shaving for at least 10 shaves in a single charge and so even if you travel a lot; it is safe for you to travel without the charger for two to three days trip.

In order to get the closest shave as top barbers do, first wet your hair with warm water for a couple of minutes. When it is wet, apply a good quality cream with rich leather and thoroughly brush it with a brush so that your hair raises up to give you a closer shave.  If you use a good quality cream, it forms leather instead of foam and lubricate to remove dead skin cells to give you a smooth and soft skin.

Why You Should Shave with a Good Quality Shaver

If your shaver is not good, it causes redness of the skin, razor burnt, tugs, pulls and shaving rash and therefore you should ensure that you are buying the right shaver for your skin. Know the type of your skin before you invest on your shaver. The main objective of a shaver is to give you a smooth and close shave but while doing so if you have redness or irritation, you have bought the wrong shaver.

The right shaver is not a matter of how much it cost you but rather the comfort it gives you after shaving. Braun series 7 is a top mid-end shaver for people with normal or thin type of hair. However, if you want to know all the technical details read Braun series 7 790cc review or read consumer report review.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many other brands of electric shavers like Remington, Philips, Braun and Panasonic to mention a few. Among those top brands, you can choose to have one depending on the type of your skin. It is a story of the past to get cuts or bleeding with this top brand shavers. Choose the type of shaver depending on the type of your skin. However, one reminder is that your skin will take a few weeks to adapt to the kind of razor blades you use.

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