Kindle: A Total Advantage for Modern Man



Are you ready to take a leap into a whole new world of reading? Reading will never be the same again because e-book readers came into existence. Yes, you can still read books the old fashioned way: flipping pages, placing bookmarks, and even reminiscing over pages stained with blotches, and yes, technology should not dictate how modern we are. The good old books serve the needs of every reader, voracious or not, quite well. However, stepping up from all of that, are we ready to break away from the reading habits that we have all developed and loved for something new, something that promises more comfort without compromising on our reading needs?

The majority of us tread change in general. Good change or bad change doesn’t matter because it is still change; we need some major convincing before we take baby steps towards that change. Moving from reading paper-books to e-books may be something that most people are not comfortable with. This is because we are creatures of habit too. Some say, “Heck! I love books, why even bother looking at what e-book readers have to offer?” “What does e-book reading offer that paper-books do not?” “Why do we have to give up the smell of paper books, scribbles, and doggy-ears?” To answer all of that, we will have to analyze what e-book readers actually offer. I am taking the Kindle as an example because right now, it is undeniably taking the lead amongst e-book readers. We must also remember that we are not ditching paper books just because the Kindle came along. This is a new gadget that offers friendly apps for most comfy and convenient reading.

Reading Without Light:

How often do we have to adjust where we read just because the light source was uncomfortable, or how often do we have to stop reading because of power failure? My answer will be numerous times. Comfort while reading is key. All we want to do is curl up in our lazy-boy or bed and settle down with a comfortable book. The Kindle allows you to do just that. Latest models of the Kindle such as the Kindle Voyage even have light sensors that adjust automatically to your environment. If it is broad daylight, it will reduce the screen brightness and if it is dawn, dusk, or night, it increases the brightness. You can read without your reading lights and not disturb your sleeping partners—a sure way to keep everyone happy.


Adjustable Font Size:

To some, adjustable font size may seem like a trivial thing. Well, wait until you get older. My grandma is 75 and loves her Kindle because of the adjustable font size. She uses it in her quiet-time for reading the Bible and appreciates me greatly for being so thoughtful by gifting her a Kindle. It didn’t quite register with her that it’s a feature I didn’t create but something that came with the Kindle naturally despite me trying to explain a hundred times. I am happy to let her live in her own bubble and also happy to note that features such as adjustable font size makes it very friendly for elderly people who still enjoy reading, but find books tasking.

Your Library Goes Wherever You Go:

To the man and woman constantly on the move, this is a deal maker. Once you have a Kindle, all you have to do is set up your account and all the e-books you own are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. I personally know people who must read at least 2/3 books in one go. They constantly shuffle between chapters and books and have the most difficult time trying to decide which books to carry along when they go for trips. Ultimately, they end up carrying at least 3 books. This hassle is done away with forever when you own an e-book reader. Did I tell you that you can read these books offline too? If I didn’t, now is a good time to tell you that you can read all of the books in your library offline. All you have to do is download them.


No Book is Too Heavy:

Remember The Lord of the Rings Trilogy or Complete Works of Shakespeare? What do these books have in common? They are thick books. Well, when you have an e–book reader, you will never have to worry about big books again because regardless of how thick your book is, it will always be the size and weight of your e-book reader. You can do away with heavy books for once and for all.


Regardless of whether you have always been a book fiend or whether you do not give any care about it, it is totally impossible to ignore that fact that there are certain perks that come with owning an e-book reader. The latest from the kindle line including the Kindle the Kindle Voyage and the ever-loved Paperwhite are sure to usher you into a wonderful reading experience. Amazon also have Kindle Fire which is a tablet for those who like take entertaiment to the next level.