The Advantages Of Cloud Drive Technology

Can you believe that the online storage system is almost replacing hard drive storage? People around the world are opting to store their important documents and files etc on the internet. Space is what matters the most in today’s crowded world.

The Cloud Drive technology is easy to use, access, reliable, safe and secure. When it comes to storing data, the cloud storage services is becoming the method of choice for many people.


What is a Cloud Drive?

In the simplest word, cloud drive is a free online storage services. In other words, cloud storage is nothing but storing your data and files on the internet.

Some of the famous cloud storage service providers include, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, MediaFire and Dropbox.

Some of the biggest advantages of using Cloud Drive

There are many benefits and advantages of using online storage facility. However, some of the most important ones are listed below:


Once you have an account with any of the online storage service providers, you can login to your account and freely access all the important documents and files you have saved. All that you need is an internet connection, whether you are using your Smartphone or other devices like your laptop or PC.


Cloud storage is safe and secure for storing because the data is encrypted and unauthorized users cannot access other’s file. Therefore, you can store confidential files, information and audio safely. Infact, it’s much safer than storing it locally.


With online storage software you will not face a problem for recovering your files and audios etc. If your data is lost due to some reason or the other, you don’t have to panic or worry because the cloud storage software will have backups of all the original files you have saved earlier. Therefore, you can restore the needful file without taking much time. Recovery facility is highly important for backups.


Today, there are number of online storage service providers in the market. This gives you the freedom to choose and decide the one that you rely the most for saving your files and documents. You can say that cloud storage is free, though there are minimal monthly fees applicable for storing huge data. Moreover, in comparison with the traditional backup methods such us the hard drives, the online storage services are cost effective, more convenient, easier and cheaper.


Cloud drive is invisible, which means that, it’s a software to store data and files etc without physical presence. Online storage does not require physical space for storing your files and document. Therefore, with cloud drive you will not have any problem for space. You can save as much as you want conveniently.


All the files and documents are securely maintained with backups. Infact, the backup data are separately kept after retaining all the original documents. Therefore, it’s protected and secure from any unforeseen damages.


Online storage services are not only safe and secure. But the tedious processes like backups or recovering loss files are automated to save more time. It will not take much time even if you wanted to recover important files.


If you wanted to share or transfer audio, pictures and other files to your friends, the online storage services gives you the freedom to do so without wasting your time. Sharing and transferring files or folders to other is instant and just a click away.


This is one of the best features of cloud storage. At the click of a mouse you can sync your files if you wanted to retain or update the changes you have made in your document. When you click the sync button, your documents will automatically get updated across all your devices and the updated version of the file will be available on all your devices. This will save your time and energy.

In this world of the internet, millions of people are opting for cloud storage rather than the hard drives. Hope you are one of them. The above mentioned advantages are some of the reasons why people choose online storage services.

Is Solar Energy A Boon For The Community?

Solar Energy is an energy produce with the help of sunlight. The sun rays are collected in a panel inorder to generate electricity. Solar powers are also used for other various purposes today.

The sunlight or sun rays are capable of generating electricity since it contains photons which are later converted into conductive electrons. When the sun’s energy in converted into solar power it can be used for lighting your homes and the nearby surrounding or for many other applications.

Solar powers are frequently used in rural areas and in remote locations. Today, it’s almost everywhere. Wherever you go you will see solar street lamps being installed in most of the towns and cities of the world.


What are some of the Important Advantages of Solar Energy?  

  • The increasing use of solar power is making the world a better place to live in, since the environment is getting cleaner and eco-friendly. Energy generated form sunlight is helping millions of people in the world.
  • Solar Power is pollution free and infact, this energy is absolutely free of charge once it’s properly installed for generating electricity. Among the list of other sources, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy next to wind energy.
  • The greatest benefit of using solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere even in the remotest place where there is no other means of power supply. Even in space solar cells are used to launch powerful satellites inorder to telecast what’s happening around us.
  • Modern gadgets that are available in the world market use solar cells to run the devices.
  • There are many other sources where electricity can be harnessed, such us wind, fossil, and water however, sun energy is one of the purest and quietest source with less noise and pollution.
  • Other advantageous of using solar power is the consuming cost. Compare to other sources it’s highly cheap and affordable through installation may not be that cheap. But it’s a lifetime investment.
  • Today, solar panels that are installed in your home are often used for generating power for various electronic devices such as television, Sony Xperia smart phones, tablets and laptops.
  • The best thing about solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere and it will not occupy much space. It’s easily install-able on your rooftop or at any place or location where the solar panel can be fixed temporarily or permanently.
  • Solar panel installation is easy and much faster and convenient when compared to installing electrical wires. Moreover, it can be installed even in the remotest locations.
  • Using more of solar energy and less dependent on other sources like the fossil fuel will help in creating environment friendly world and greener world.
  • Solar energy can be saved and stored with the help of the advanced technologies of solar batteries which are rechargeable. You can easily charge the battery when your kindle e-reader is down and unable to read your favorite novel.
  • Lastly but not the least, the sun is a renewable source of energy, so no matter how long and how much you use it will never end as long as the sun keeps shinning. Solar energy is a renewable energy which is highly reliable and trustworthy.

Solar cell house icon on green leaf - Alternative energy

Some of the Disadvantages of Solar Energy are listed below: 

  • One of the major disadvantages of solar power is, it will generate electricity only when the sun is bright and clear. If the solar panels are not fully charged you will not be able to enjoy the fullest of light and heat.
  • Other drawbacks about solar energy is- the cost of installation is not very cheap and affordable if the panels are huge and to be used for multipurpose. For some its expensive, middle class family will not be able to afford.
  • Solar powers are harnessed when the sun rays produces powerful heat and light, so if the weather is bad and gloomy the efficiently of the solar power will also be affected.
  • Moreover, atmospheric pollution will to some extend affect the efficiency of the solar cells. So installing solar panel in the most polluted areas like industrial factories or over crowded cities etc will result in weaker and insufficient power supply to the solar panels.
  • Unfortunately, fossil fuels and other source of energy like electrical power are cost effective or low cost when compared to installing a solar panel. The efficiency and the level of power it produces is another factor to be compared.

The present generation is committed to use solar energy and to avoid using electricity far as possible. The world is encouraging every one of us to install and use solar power inorder to make this world environmentally friendly and free from pollution.

Light up your room, every nook & corner of your house and stay bright and beautiful with the latest innovations of the solar power wherever you live.

Technology and Communication Media


The world has advanced far into the age of technology bringing a whole lot of changes. Technology undoubtedly revolutionized every sphere of man’s life. Yes, the impact of technology on man’s lives is immense; that the world is becoming ‘a global village’ is a trite term. In fact, ours is an age of information, each of us need to stay connected to the world of information more than ever. Technology actually gives access to endless information through the internet as well as wireless media, and truly, we love to stay updated. That’s just probably why mass media communication is gaining importance and is capable of making such a huge impact on us.

We are literally living in a society of media and communication media is inevitably one of those factors that create a mass phenomenon. Technology has given communication media the biggest boost; it was through conventional media like radio, telephonic and television broadcasts that communication actually began to reach out to a huge audience, thus making community and technology a co-related subject. Mass communication was a term that acquired its exact connotation only when modern technology emerged with the media revolution. Well, communication media has now acquired a new realm – the digital realm including computer-mediated communication as well as computer networking and telegraphy. And of course, we cannot overlook popular forms of media like newspapers, magazines and book publishing, videos, as well as films.

The new form of communication media uses data transmitters such as wireless satellite, microwave, as well as coaxial cable and fiber optics. Here, communication media acts as the channel for linking various devices to enable interaction amongst them. Talking of our media society, the world is overloaded with headlines, sounds, pixels, prints and mails. Let us discuss some of the smart new gadgets that are revolutionizing the world of communication.


Technology has brought a sea of change from the modern to a newer generation through electronic media redefining our everyday lives. The main purpose of media is to inform and connect people and their ideas, whether public or personal. Invention of Radio was a significant achievement; it was a form of media that allowed global access for the first time. Radio broadcasts had, and still has, widespread appeal indeed; it has considerably improved transmission of news from all corners of the world especially for telegraphic messages. Its use in radar (radio detection and ranging), which helped in locating of aircrafts and ships, is also significant. And that is most probably why pilots essentially use the most sophisticated radio with hi-tech transmitters like the purely digital Aurora 9.


Television also heralded mass media at a far bigger scale, a new generation of mass communication in fact. Television emerged as a popular form of medium, a conduit for entertainment and also became primary in molding public opinion. Commonly known as TV or better yet, Tele, television has evolved through a wide range of technological advancements. Movies and other artistic broadcasts popularized television immensely too, transforming it into one of the most common, or rather seemingly, an indispensable household device. The most sophisticated TV models would be those with LED screen, which has fantastic screen clarity, and yet the latest OLED, which is expected to replace LED in the future, supports even higher screen resolution. Modern Television nowadays have enhanced features including Wi-Fi enabled as well as enormous screen size reaching beyond 110 inches in length.

Digital Phones and Mobile Smartphones

The use of digital phones marked the beginning of automated phones that could store numbers of dialed and received calls or you could program according to the need of time; in other words according to your busy schedule. If a call is missed, you could even leave voice messages which could be recorded for listening later. Progressing from conventional telephones, digital phones heralded the beginning of even more advanced one to one communication.

There’s a new obsession building up in our generation; the urge to stay connected not just with friends and family, but to follow every new development in technology as well as the most happening trends. Mobile smartphones are the right devices; perfect packages of the most sophisticated features that the latest technology had to offer. A smartphone works like a micro-computer with multiple features, almost better actually. It can do everything that contemporary communication media facilitates, such as surfing the internet and exchanging emails, teleconferencing and other internet forums like the current excitement with social networking. Communication became as fluid as a slide on a screen with these latest gadgets. Well, the dawn of yet more refined technology has extended the smartphone technology to smartwatches, which is one of the most snazzy devices.


Technology expedites communication with innovative breakthroughs that always has prospects of improving to perfection. Technology aims as high as the limits of the sky and yet always giving space for precision; we only can expect better and better with the passing of time. It simply is very interesting to speculate how the latest technology will take our world of communication to unimaginable limits.

Top 10 Apps You Should Not Miss to Own in 2014


Apps developers are always hungry to develop new applications every now and then for android phones, ipads, iphones, PCs, laptops and tablets to make users update with the latest features for a hassle free use of gadgets. Check out for the recently launched apps, which are a step ahead of its predecessors.

Brainwave Apps for Music Lovers

The recently launched app for music lovers simplify listening to music without physically touching the touch screen of their handsets. The simplicity of this app is that, you just have to use your right hand gestures to operate this application. If you want to skip the music, you have to swipe your hand to the right so that it is moved forward and if you want to search your music at the back, then you have to swipe it backward until your desired music is played. In addition to that, you can hold the music for a few seconds with a gesture. It’s a cool and unique app, which is developed for the first time. It is optimized to use from one to three feet away from the screen. You can easily download this app, which is free of cost.

Group Video Chatskype Qik

Group Video Chatskype Qik is a new app for a group of six to seven persons to chat at a time. The launching of this new app has moved ahead of the old version of one to one Chatskype. Now, it is possible to get a group of your friends from your contact list and start chatting with all of them. If you don’t want to keep the messages, you can delete it right away but you can keep the message at least for two weeks period and after that, it will automatically erase from your device.


Here’s what we call Shazam, a new app for music lovers. There are times when we don’t remember the song that is played in restaurants or bars, we tried hard to recollect the song, and sometimes we even ask our friends to help us remember the song. We even search Google to find out the song, which is very hectic but now with the advancement of technology, apps developers have simplified it with Shazam, which is an app to find out the source, title and the artist simply by holding your phone near the source of music and tap Tag. Shazam will automatically give you all the details of the song.

Kindle App

To be very frank, not everyone wants to spend extra money on buying an e-book reader when there is already a smart phone, a tablet and a computer. Now, it is possible to read in your iphones, ipads and other gadgets by loading up the kindle app on those gadgets without losing the place where you were reading. The moment you open to read, you will be able to browse and get everything from kindle market. You don’t need to invest more for an e-book reader if you have this new app.


Offtime is a very good app for busy people by prioritizing calls, messages and notifications in routine. What this app does is that it allows passing only important calls first. As for instance, if a particular number rings up three to four times consecutively, then the next time it allows this number to come through and the rest are made to hold. If it is kept at unplugging profile, it mutes all calls, messages and notifications.


Automate is an extra ordinary app that does lots of work by a single application. For instance, if anyone is trying to access your password, it takes the photo of that particular person, even toggles the setting for wi-fi, even does the job of sending e-mails, and even reminds you what to do.


Oovoo is a video calling app, which is an alternative for Skype video calls. It allows users to do one to one calls or group calls up to eight persons. Children are very fond of this new app.


Tango is another new app for video calling which automatically allows you to find friend who are using tango. It is very quick to make calls and send messages through smart phones and tablets over 3G, 4G and Wi-fi networks. It is possible to personalize your profile with status updates and profiles with a photo. You can chat up to maximum of fifty persons at a time with this new app.


HERE map, which is a new app from Nokia, is comparable to Google and the likes in accurate mapping and tracking of locations. It has full access even in offline mode for the whole countries and continents.

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim is a new app for group viewing photos, which allow users to select photos, invite friends and view at the same time. However, all friends invited to view should install Micro Xim app to enable viewing the photos at the same time through their own device.

The Apps listed above are new arrivals of 2014 and you should not delay any longer to get it and installed before your friends do.

Impact of Technology On Communication in Social Life

Technology applications

Technology in broad term is an application of knowledge, tools and materials in order to solve problems and to extend human capabilities. Technology has been continuously improving since time immemorial and so does communication. Even in olden days, there were different modes of communication for different purposes. Now, in modern time technology has become so advanced that communication has drastically changed. It is not what it used to be. This change in ways of communication is largely due to the advancement of technology in the community.

A Closer Look at How Technology Have Impacts on Communication in Social Life

During the ancient days, letters were sent through pigeons but when roads were constructed and automobiles came into existence, it became comparatively easier to reach long destinations. Technology further improved and the way people communicate changed. Later, when telegram came into existence, there was another change in the way people communicate. Finally, telephones and emails became the best form of communication that technology brought for the society but it does not end there. Technology further improved further and further until the world became a global village with internet facilities even in the remotest part of the world.

The method of communication changes with the advancement in technology. From hand- written letters to voice calls over the phone to face to face video calling or conference are just a few examples to mention on the changes of communication. Technology and communication always go hand in hand. Technology keeps on improving in order to improve communication. The manners we communicate also changes with the advancement in technology.

Near and dear ones at distant places are always in touch with each other either by phone calls, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social Medias.


The world is in our fingertips now because what is happening in the distant place can be seen easily with our smart phones, laptops, computers or televisions.

With the advancement in technology, some developed countries have introduced ebook readers and laptops for each student in the classrooms. Each child is allowed to explore the world of knowledge beyond the prescribed textbooks. Such advantageous children will excel over those who do not get such chances.

For college and university goers, they don’t need to buy or borrow physical books as it is available online without having to spend so much for it. All they need is a laptop or ipad with internet connection to get the desired study materials. It means they spend less money and get more materials to study.

The trend of work culture has also changed with the change in technology because you can work at home with your laptop provided there is the internet connection and spend more time with your children or family members.

In the past people might be able to play hide and seek but now, they can’t escape from technology because you are just a call or a click away.

Few disadvantages of technology in communication

Those who solely depends on laptops or other gadgets to communicate with friends, they commit lots of spelling mistakes when the need to write on the board or drafting a few things. This is because of too much dependency on the computer to auto correct the mistakes.

It causes damage to our vision due to excess use of computer, laptop, smart phone or whatever gadgets.

Some people use this technology for their advantage to commit crimes like hacking somebody’s account and for blackmailing them. This is actually not a disadvantage but an abuse of the system.

Conclusion: There are always advantages and disadvantages in every creation of technology but as long as we use properly without abusing them, the disadvantages are negligible.

Innovative Devices for Educational Institutions

Unlike the traditional classroom that has four walls, board, desk and benches, a modern classroom is an open space. However, have we really moved on with time to abandon the traditional methods of learning and the concept of a traditional classroom? I doubt. How then are we able to put these contrasting scenes in a single picture without putting more emphasis on one? Luckily, people has somehow found a way of blending these two scenes together and painted a perfect picture.

Devices such as smartphones, pocket PCs and tablets are taking the place of books in modern educational institutions. With the aid of these devices, students from different countries can be inside the same classroom. A teacher can even be a student of his/her student in certain fields at certain point of time. Nevertheless, the innovations alone would be somehow futile as education also means inculcating the social etiquette in a student and students will only get this through sharing the same concrete classroom and interacting with one another.

Let us take a quick glance at some of the gadgets that has somehow managed to fit in creating a union between these two forms of classrooms, bringing about a renaissance in classroom education.


The name says it all, but I think it is more of an understatement because most smartphones tend to be over smart. A green light for the usage of smart phones inside the classroom is still not typical, but with these smart phones, students do not stop learning upon leaving class, they learn outside the classroom too. With almost everything accessible on the web and every minute subject studied and explained, smart phones are the little windows for everyone (student or layman) to the outside world.

Tablets and E-Book Readers

Tablets and smartphones are but the same. Just happens that the younger brother got bigger, yes tablets, giving it the upper hand for more ease while reading. The Kindle can be considered the undisputed king in the field of e-book readers. Tablets and e-book readers has aided students physically. Most educational institutions allow the use of e-book readers in the classroom and these devices can store many e-books and can be assessed anywhere. Students can thus access any book anywhere without troubling themselves with carrying bulky books. Kindle e book readers are also friendly to the eye and students can read on for many hours without any eyestrain.

CCTV: The Eyes and Ears of Institutions

CCTV’s makes sure students make the best out of everything available to them. It inculcates in them respect for public properties, and these creepy cameras in an indirect way teach the students lessons on responsibility.

Smart Classrooms

Now found in many institutions in developed countries, these classrooms have audio and video aids. Audio lectures help both the students and the teachers; they get more time and room for interactions. Visual aids helps students grasp the subject of study more vividly and learn better.

Education was once time bound; it had an expiry date. People had a certain point of time where they could not study anymore and had to start looking for jobs. This is not the case now. We can learn anything at any point of our life, given we remain dedicated and passionate. M-learning is a boon for this generation. Don’t just throw it away.