Smart Kitchen Appliances for the Working Woman


One of the most pertinent issues that the working woman is concerned about is balancing her work life with her domestic life. Well, yes, a working woman is usually expected to be extra smart; she is expected to make both ends meet. We women usually manage the kitchen daily; what a hustle bustle, and you can’t be late for work! I hope you will agree with me when I say that most men prefer not to go through elaborate household chores. Of course, a remarkable number of men are taking on domestic work quite efficiently. Their love for cooking has taken them to the realm of culinary arts and in fact, I have to admit, some men fare far better than most women. However, household affairs still rest on the shoulders of women even if they are working; so, it is necessary that we make smart choices in home appliances.

Do you ever wish you could organize your kitchen with the help of robotic minions? J It would take a huge load off you. That’s a joke. In fact, technology has revolutionized every sphere of our life, even the most mundane tasks. From cooking and serving to laundry and house cleaning, a new epoch redefined by tech-smart quickness has dawned. Here are some of the smart appliances that the fastidious woman will choose to furnish her Kitchen with:

Simple and Smart Brewing Machines

Early morning, while you are getting a wash up, you can run an Automatic drip Coffee maker and Electric kettles that will help you make a head-start of your day with a good fresh cup of tea or coffee. Indeed, these new automatic machines do work beautifully well to keep your tea or coffee fresh, which will definitely give you a fine boost for a good day ahead. Expresso machines are exceptionally good for boiling water, too.

Mixers, Blenders, Grinders and Toasters

If you got to be smart, you got to eat healthy too. So, you need these smart devices to nimbly fix yourself an ideal breakfast of fresh juice and a sandwich or a tortilla or a toast that can keep you energetic the whole day. These electric appliances work swift and prompt to perform the task it is designed for. I suppose blenders and grinders would do a splendid job in preparing infant food as well.

Sophisticated Cooking Appliances

Induction or electric cooktops, rice cookers or multi-pressure cookers, electric ovens and barbeque grills can help simplify daily cooking incredibly. A wide range of cooking appliances including automatic set and forget cookers or Bluetooth enabled best induction cooktops, rice cookers and coffee makers that does not demand much attention are available in the market. These highly energy efficient appliances are definitely smart choices that work smart. Well, talking of energy efficiency, solar cooking appliances also make good choice. Checkout here for smart induction cooktop reviews and its appliances.

Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are perfect for reheating food, defrosting meat or other dishes, especially when returning home from work tired and worn out. The specialty of a microwave oven is that it circulates moisturized hot air, which moves in eddies, about the meat or fish to ensure uniform heating. I especially love the way microwave ovens warm up pastries and other delicacies so evenly; inside and out.


Giving your kitchen a clean-up also gets way easier and smoother as your appliances get more innovative, like a sleek induction cooktop that is super easy to clean, rice cookers and coffee makers that clean nice and easy. As sophisticated as these appliances get, much like the self-cleaning oven, they need lesser effort from us in cleaning. For dirty dishes, make the dishwasher your best friend, and for dust and dirt, a vacuum cleaner should simplify the task quite efficiently. Brace yourself with the most elegant and polished kitchen appliances that clean beautifully; it’s a new hi-tech world.


Modern appliances have advanced safety measures that will ensure a smart home, safe from all domestic hazards. The future of our kitchen is camera monitored and Wi-Fi enabled appliances that you can control with your mobile gadgets wherever you may be. Technology is simply efflorescent with the most convenient and user-friendly devices that can help you create your own smart world in your very kitchen. It is up to you to choose the right appliances and gadgets that best fits your purpose. My only advice, do not be prejudiced against the so called hi-tech world; not everything is exorbitant, check them out, a good many of them are reasonably priced.