Review on Ultra-Compact Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


Bose SoundLink Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is here to give you a new way to enjoy advanced audio stereo sound. The competition is on and has become tough for portable wireless Bluetooth developers as the demand for it has been increasing lately. The coming of wireless Bluetooth speaker is a welcoming product for many of us for many reasons. Who would have thought that such a small device can give us excellent warm loud sound with an impressive bass? Thanks to the modern technology for making what we thought would be impossible possible. The market is now flooded with portable wireless speaker with many good features and an outstanding audio sound. Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker is one such model that gives you amazing audio sound with many other good features. It is a No1 Best Seller in Boomboxes at Amazon.

‘An ultra compact design with an immersive stereo sound system’ is what most of the users and reviewers said about SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker from Bose. When it comes to music, personally I feel the audio sound is what that matters most. We all want our audio system to sound good; and I believe that’s what this speaker can deliver.

You can easily replace your bigger systems with this portable and dynamic bluetooth speaker. It will easily accommodate almost everywhere be it at your bedroom, kitchen counter, party, beach, bathroom or car. This is not a shower speaker but you can definitely use in a bathroom. For waterproof speaker and bluetooth shower speaker reviews visit Thundering sound website. . Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker has become a necessary item in our home today. Now let’s find out why Bose SoundLink Mini is selling like Hot Cakes at the present market.

Product Overview of Bose Mini SoundLink

  • Gives you better natural sound with 2 High Frequency Drivers and a built-in Passive radiator.
  • Loud and clear mid and high sound that is pleasant to ears and thumbing bass sound.
  • Ultra-Compact design that goes where you go.
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity of up to 30 feet that easily connects with any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that plays music for 7 hours, recharge quickly and can be replaced.
  • Designed attractively and made for easy operation.
  • A USB port and a 3.5 mm AUX port that lets you connect with other audio source.
  • Solid Aluminum housing for durability and slip-free rubber base for firm setting.
  • Charging cradle that serves as a home base, plays when you charge and also a wall charger included in the box.
  • Full dimension of the unit is 2.3 x 7.1 x 2 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Undistorted Clear Audio Sound

Astounding audio sound quality of Bose SoundLink Mini is what caught the attention and appraisal of many users and reviewers. The carefully chosen two high frequency drivers along with the built-in subwoofer produce the perfect sound that is soothing to our ears, suitable for playing any kind of music genre. The uniquely and masterly constructed design; that is finished in solid aluminum also adds to the great sound performance. It is truly a masterpiece and an ideal mini speaker from Bose. Our choice may differ since we have different taste. But many reviewers and users mentioned that Bose SoundLink Mini sounds far better that other Bluetooth speaker at the same price range. Other great performing speakers which are very popular are like Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and JBL Charge 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Compact-Wireless-Powerful Battery = Everywhere-Anytime Music

A compact design makes this model a portable device. It can sit in your palm or fit in comfortably at your pocket. Grab it and take it anywhere you go and add the fun or sing along your favorite numbers at your kitchen/bedroom, indoors. Experience a hassle-free easy wireless connection through the Bluetooth connectivity that connects any Bluetooth enabled device within 30 feet. All these will not be possible without a battery backup. This model comes with a powerful battery. A rechargeable Li-ion battery gives you playtime of average 7 hours. The charging cradle included in the box serves as a home base for your speaker and charges even when you are playing. A wall charger is also included in the box. One great feature that I like is the user replaceable battery. Even when the battery becomes weak after years of usage, you can replace it with a new one. With all these features combined together in this compact size, everywhere-anytime music is made possible.

Other Extra Needful Features

This model is designed for easy operation. You will find only the volume up and down button on the speaker. All other settings are controlled from your device. Anyone can handle this unit without any difficulty. Other important extra features that you get are the USB port and the AUX in port. The USB port lets you connect the speaker to your PC/Mac or even work as a charging device for your phone or tablet. The AUX In is also another important feature as it allows you to connect with other audio system. Not only giving you only high digital sound, Mini Bose SoundLink allows you perform many other settings through its built-in features. You can also protect your speaker from scratches or any accidental contact through the attractively designed colorful Soft Covers for Bose SoundLink Mini. It is available in different color at an affordable price. Playing the unit and hearing the sound quality and its performance by yourself will tell you why choosing this model is a good value for money. Order it today on Amazon at a relatively fair price and relish the true sound of music.

Why Would You Need Cloud Storage for Peace of Mind


Nowadays, we store all our business files and personal data in our computer, laptop, external drives, mobile, tablet, etc. These files and data are very important and we may need to access it every day. Moreover, almost everyone of us store music or video files in addition to countless pictures in our computer or such other devices. But we come to realize that storing important files in our computer is not safe and secure. What will happen if we lost it, the device break down, it is stolen or malfunction. Once this kind of bad incident happens, all your files will be gone. You may never recover your file or data and you will be left with nothing. It can ruin your work it can ruin your life. And other reason why storing files on our laptop or such devices are not safe is because of those cyber criminals. Many had been a victim of it recently. Those savvy thieves can break into your computer and get all your personal files just by a stroke of a keyboard. So, what are the solution and remedies available for this issue so that we may have a peace of mind?

A Safe Place for Storing Files and Data

Cloud storage is exactly where you can safely store all your important files and data. The encrypted server of the cloud storage provider offers you a secure and private data storage facility. You may not know how many personal information are stored on your computer or laptop. Each time you use your devices, certain footprints are left which can be traced by the cyber criminal. They would eventually steal your identity, find your password and even access your mail and other social media accounts. You can prevent this by storing all your files and information on cloud storage. The encrypted server of such cloud storage provider is a virtual hard drive which a cyber criminal cannot break or access.

Also as I have mentioned earlier as well, storing files on our laptop or external hard drives are not safe. Computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc are prone to high risk such as damage, loss, theft, malfunction, virus attack and many more. You will never recover your important file or information if any such awful incidents take place. This kind of incidents can be avoided by using cloud storage these days. Once you sign up your account with the service provider and store your files and data there. You can have peace of mind knowing that nothing can damage or steal your file and that you can access it from everywhere anytime. Cloud Storage is the only way you can keep things safe and secure these days.

The Best Could Storage you can Choose

With the arrival of cloud storage technology, many companies- large, medium, small are adapting and relying on this modern technology. Many of the top cloud storage will provide you unlimited storage space, sharing option, free storage, free trial, etc. Stated below are the top Cloud Storage Provider that guarantees safety giving you the best features.

  • com (
  • Zipcloud (
  • Dropbox (
  • Zoolz (
  • Livedrive (
  • Carbonite (
  • Backblaze (
  • 4shared (
  • SOS (
  • Mozy (

Top 10 Apps You Should Not Miss to Own in 2014


Apps developers are always hungry to develop new applications every now and then for android phones, ipads, iphones, PCs, laptops and tablets to make users update with the latest features for a hassle free use of gadgets. Check out for the recently launched apps, which are a step ahead of its predecessors.

Brainwave Apps for Music Lovers

The recently launched app for music lovers simplify listening to music without physically touching the touch screen of their handsets. The simplicity of this app is that, you just have to use your right hand gestures to operate this application. If you want to skip the music, you have to swipe your hand to the right so that it is moved forward and if you want to search your music at the back, then you have to swipe it backward until your desired music is played. In addition to that, you can hold the music for a few seconds with a gesture. It’s a cool and unique app, which is developed for the first time. It is optimized to use from one to three feet away from the screen. You can easily download this app, which is free of cost.

Group Video Chatskype Qik

Group Video Chatskype Qik is a new app for a group of six to seven persons to chat at a time. The launching of this new app has moved ahead of the old version of one to one Chatskype. Now, it is possible to get a group of your friends from your contact list and start chatting with all of them. If you don’t want to keep the messages, you can delete it right away but you can keep the message at least for two weeks period and after that, it will automatically erase from your device.


Here’s what we call Shazam, a new app for music lovers. There are times when we don’t remember the song that is played in restaurants or bars, we tried hard to recollect the song, and sometimes we even ask our friends to help us remember the song. We even search Google to find out the song, which is very hectic but now with the advancement of technology, apps developers have simplified it with Shazam, which is an app to find out the source, title and the artist simply by holding your phone near the source of music and tap Tag. Shazam will automatically give you all the details of the song.

Kindle App

To be very frank, not everyone wants to spend extra money on buying an e-book reader when there is already a smart phone, a tablet and a computer. Now, it is possible to read in your iphones, ipads and other gadgets by loading up the kindle app on those gadgets without losing the place where you were reading. The moment you open to read, you will be able to browse and get everything from kindle market. You don’t need to invest more for an e-book reader if you have this new app.


Offtime is a very good app for busy people by prioritizing calls, messages and notifications in routine. What this app does is that it allows passing only important calls first. As for instance, if a particular number rings up three to four times consecutively, then the next time it allows this number to come through and the rest are made to hold. If it is kept at unplugging profile, it mutes all calls, messages and notifications.


Automate is an extra ordinary app that does lots of work by a single application. For instance, if anyone is trying to access your password, it takes the photo of that particular person, even toggles the setting for wi-fi, even does the job of sending e-mails, and even reminds you what to do.


Oovoo is a video calling app, which is an alternative for Skype video calls. It allows users to do one to one calls or group calls up to eight persons. Children are very fond of this new app.


Tango is another new app for video calling which automatically allows you to find friend who are using tango. It is very quick to make calls and send messages through smart phones and tablets over 3G, 4G and Wi-fi networks. It is possible to personalize your profile with status updates and profiles with a photo. You can chat up to maximum of fifty persons at a time with this new app.


HERE map, which is a new app from Nokia, is comparable to Google and the likes in accurate mapping and tracking of locations. It has full access even in offline mode for the whole countries and continents.

Microsoft Xim

Microsoft Xim is a new app for group viewing photos, which allow users to select photos, invite friends and view at the same time. However, all friends invited to view should install Micro Xim app to enable viewing the photos at the same time through their own device.

The Apps listed above are new arrivals of 2014 and you should not delay any longer to get it and installed before your friends do.

Apple iPad4 With Retina Display Is Truly The King Of Tablet

Wherever we might be or whatever we might be doing, it is true that we see technology advancement at a very fast pace. And it is transforming our lifestyle to a higher standard. The high technology modern gadgets like television, mobile, laptop, tablet and many other home and kitchen appliances are the most attractive devices that lure this modern generation. Every new product or an upgrade brings something new that absolutely gives superior and higher quality result. In this high advancing modern world, a product that is new today can become outdated or unwanted just within few weeks or months. Such is the advancement of technology these days. We rather look for the quality of the product and its overall performance, putting aside the price tag.


We all know that Apple had been producing one of the best gadgets which many of us aspire and appreciate highly. The new iPad 4 with Retina Display is the dawn breaker and an upgraded device that every person would want to lay their hands on. It is true that this upgrade is made available just after 7 months of its predecessor the iPad 3. Those people who have laid their hands on the iPad 3 would be upset that a newer version is made available in just few months. But of course, they can return it to buy the latest version or continue using it. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of changes that comes with the latest version iPad 4, which makes it the ‘King of Tablet’.

Have a Look at the Product Overview

  • Upgraded 10 inches screen with retina display of 9.7 inches.
  • This amazing gadget is made available in pure black and white color.
  • The new A6X dual core processor functions twice the speed of its predecessor.
  • Features rear camera of 5 megapixels and a front video chat camera of 1.2 megapixels (720 pixels resolution).
  • Higher speed Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 1 GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and even 128GB.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth version 4.0.
  • Unlimited apps.
  • Upto 10 hour battery life.
  • Multi touch screen.

Product Dimension

Apple iPad Fourth Generation has a wider screen of 10 inches. It weighs 1.44 pounds and the thickness is 0.37 inches. Its height is 9.5 inches and width is 7.31 inches.

Inside the box you will find a refurbished iPad 4 with Retina Display, USB power adapter, lightning to USB cable and a user manual.

What makes iPad4 the Most Wanted Device

The fact that the screen display is upgraded to 10 inches, and that also with a retina display change it all. It makes everything look lifelike and crystal clear. Text looks sharper and the colors are vibrant that will make reading or viewing pictures or videos easy to eyes and more fun. The wider screen means you can comfortably watch movie. You can surely replace your laptop with this iPad and prolong the life of your laptop. It can go conveniently anywhere you go so that you will never miss out your emails or important files.

With the upgraded hardware A6X dual core processor, the new iPad4 is twice faster than its competitors. It runs with the most advanced iOS mobile operating system. The dual core processor takes lesser time to open big files and also you will not notice any speed slowdown even when you open many apps or files. Games will run smoothly and perfectly.

Other good features this new iPad offers include the better battery life. Even though the screen is made bigger, the battery life is still remarkable. It can run effectively 10 hours when on Wi-Fi. Also the new upgrade made browsing more fun and reliable because the Wi-Fi connection now runs twice the speed of the previous model. You can browse through 95% of the websites without any problem. The FaceTime camera is 1.2MP and can give 720 pixel resolution of video chatting. It features a smart iSight camera of 5MP that supports a 1080p HD video recording. This upgrade brings over 300,000 apps that make it limitless of what you can do. It enables multi touch screen and also has a voice sensor. You will be able to send text message, write notes, check or open emails, search web, etc through the dictation feature. Talking will do all the search for you. A smart cover is available in different color so that your much loved iPad will safe and secure from accidental drop or scratch. The company also offers 1 year limited warranty and a 14 days return policy. The overall performance of the Forth Generation iPad cannot be easily surpassed by its rivals. Truly, it is the current King of iPad.

Samsung Curved TV- Is it Hype or Real?

The much talked about curved TV series are now already made available. For quite some time, it has been the talk of the town and many of us wondered what this series would really offer us or benefit us. So, what is the Deal with Samsung curved TV afterall?


Its overall idea is to give you a top picture quality and the best viewing result with added comfort and convenience. The usual HD TVS has a pixel quality of 1080p. Everyone of us thought it is a great achievement and a best picture quality when it was introduced many years back. But, to our delight and amazement, the UHD series came and changed it all. TV production giants like Samsung, Sony, LG and few others were able to introduce Ultra High Definition on flat TV some years back and it was a fantastic achievement. These series of UHD TVs has the maximum pixel of 3840 x 2160 p, which is 4 times clearer than the HD version with 1080p (just imagine 4 times clearer than HD TVS). And now the giant companies have taken it to a new higher level which is beyond our imagination.

The all new UHD curved TV

Not stopping with its achievement of UHD TV Series that gives us the best quality picture of all time, giant TV production company like Samsung and Sony made it a reality of producing the first ever designed curved TV. The edges of the screen are slightly and gently curved which makes a lot of differences on our eyes. The new curved design UHD TV are available in different size ranging from 50 inches to even 105 inches screen. The curved design with ultra high definition TV has the following pros.

As the screen is curved, it meets the rounded nature of the eyeballs and gives us more immersive viewing experience. It represents the rounded looks of nature and makes us feel more than just watching television. The curved screen wraps around us so that it captures all our senses, resulting in an immersed viewing experience. The curving edges will give you a wider viewing angle. It fills more of your field of view than the flat ones.

With the UHD Up-Scaling feature, you are able to enjoy any live shows crisper and clearer than ever before. Since the screen is curved, it focuses the light directly towards your viewing position instead of it being scattered to a wider area that of a Flat TV. This made it possible to achieve twice richer contrast performance. Also, the curved screen makes the image exist in multiple depth planes that the pictures feel real 3D. It gives you the purest expression of color. Watching movie or picture will feel just like a reality.

Is it really worth it?

The media has been reporting a lot about this magnificent UHD Curved Screen TV. And the top leading producing companies have been competing against each other. Many things have been told and advertised. But, is the public really going to be carried away with this hype? Many people have started questioning ‘Is it real or just another marketing gimmick?’

Well, if we look at the features and specs of this gigantic model, it can surely got us carried away. The UHD curved screen is the main attraction as it changes it all. We see a super crispy image just in front of our eyes which is twice better than the Flat UHD TVs. If you want a picture perfect quality, it surely will satisfy you. But in my opinion, the general public will not benefit much from this giant UHD curved screen TVs. We really don’t need a 70 inch or 100 inch TV in our living room. A 40 inch UHD TV can surely satisfy us. You would have to sit at an appropriate distance to get immersed and view the advantage of the curved screen. I feel it is just not so realistic for our home use or for an average buyer. I’m not saying the curved screen TV is not a worthy buy. Definitely it is an incredible product which is worth praising. I just thought it is not so realistic with the general public.