Impact of Technology On Communication in Social Life

Technology applications

Technology in broad term is an application of knowledge, tools and materials in order to solve problems and to extend human capabilities. Technology has been continuously improving since time immemorial and so does communication. Even in olden days, there were different modes of communication for different purposes. Now, in modern time technology has become so advanced that communication has drastically changed. It is not what it used to be. This change in ways of communication is largely due to the advancement of technology in the community.

A Closer Look at How Technology Have Impacts on Communication in Social Life

During the ancient days, letters were sent through pigeons but when roads were constructed and automobiles came into existence, it became comparatively easier to reach long destinations. Technology further improved and the way people communicate changed. Later, when telegram came into existence, there was another change in the way people communicate. Finally, telephones and emails became the best form of communication that technology brought for the society but it does not end there. Technology further improved further and further until the world became a global village with internet facilities even in the remotest part of the world.

The method of communication changes with the advancement in technology. From hand- written letters to voice calls over the phone to face to face video calling or conference are just a few examples to mention on the changes of communication. Technology and communication always go hand in hand. Technology keeps on improving in order to improve communication. The manners we communicate also changes with the advancement in technology.

Near and dear ones at distant places are always in touch with each other either by phone calls, Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social Medias.


The world is in our fingertips now because what is happening in the distant place can be seen easily with our smart phones, laptops, computers or televisions.

With the advancement in technology, some developed countries have introduced ebook readers and laptops for each student in the classrooms. Each child is allowed to explore the world of knowledge beyond the prescribed textbooks. Such advantageous children will excel over those who do not get such chances.

For college and university goers, they don’t need to buy or borrow physical books as it is available online without having to spend so much for it. All they need is a laptop or ipad with internet connection to get the desired study materials. It means they spend less money and get more materials to study.

The trend of work culture has also changed with the change in technology because you can work at home with your laptop provided there is the internet connection and spend more time with your children or family members.

In the past people might be able to play hide and seek but now, they can’t escape from technology because you are just a call or a click away.

Few disadvantages of technology in communication

Those who solely depends on laptops or other gadgets to communicate with friends, they commit lots of spelling mistakes when the need to write on the board or drafting a few things. This is because of too much dependency on the computer to auto correct the mistakes.

It causes damage to our vision due to excess use of computer, laptop, smart phone or whatever gadgets.

Some people use this technology for their advantage to commit crimes like hacking somebody’s account and for blackmailing them. This is actually not a disadvantage but an abuse of the system.

Conclusion: There are always advantages and disadvantages in every creation of technology but as long as we use properly without abusing them, the disadvantages are negligible.

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