Innovative Devices for Educational Institutions

Unlike the traditional classroom that has four walls, board, desk and benches, a modern classroom is an open space. However, have we really moved on with time to abandon the traditional methods of learning and the concept of a traditional classroom? I doubt. How then are we able to put these contrasting scenes in a single picture without putting more emphasis on one? Luckily, people has somehow found a way of blending these two scenes together and painted a perfect picture.

Devices such as smartphones, pocket PCs and tablets are taking the place of books in modern educational institutions. With the aid of these devices, students from different countries can be inside the same classroom. A teacher can even be a student of his/her student in certain fields at certain point of time. Nevertheless, the innovations alone would be somehow futile as education also means inculcating the social etiquette in a student and students will only get this through sharing the same concrete classroom and interacting with one another.

Let us take a quick glance at some of the gadgets that has somehow managed to fit in creating a union between these two forms of classrooms, bringing about a renaissance in classroom education.


The name says it all, but I think it is more of an understatement because most smartphones tend to be over smart. A green light for the usage of smart phones inside the classroom is still not typical, but with these smart phones, students do not stop learning upon leaving class, they learn outside the classroom too. With almost everything accessible on the web and every minute subject studied and explained, smart phones are the little windows for everyone (student or layman) to the outside world.

Tablets and E-Book Readers

Tablets and smartphones are but the same. Just happens that the younger brother got bigger, yes tablets, giving it the upper hand for more ease while reading. The Kindle can be considered the undisputed king in the field of e-book readers. Tablets and e-book readers has aided students physically. Most educational institutions allow the use of e-book readers in the classroom and these devices can store many e-books and can be assessed anywhere. Students can thus access any book anywhere without troubling themselves with carrying bulky books. Kindle e book readers are also friendly to the eye and students can read on for many hours without any eyestrain.

CCTV: The Eyes and Ears of Institutions

CCTV’s makes sure students make the best out of everything available to them. It inculcates in them respect for public properties, and these creepy cameras in an indirect way teach the students lessons on responsibility.

Smart Classrooms

Now found in many institutions in developed countries, these classrooms have audio and video aids. Audio lectures help both the students and the teachers; they get more time and room for interactions. Visual aids helps students grasp the subject of study more vividly and learn better.

Education was once time bound; it had an expiry date. People had a certain point of time where they could not study anymore and had to start looking for jobs. This is not the case now. We can learn anything at any point of our life, given we remain dedicated and passionate. M-learning is a boon for this generation. Don’t just throw it away.

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