Is Solar Energy A Boon For The Community?

Solar Energy is an energy produce with the help of sunlight. The sun rays are collected in a panel inorder to generate electricity. Solar powers are also used for other various purposes today.

The sunlight or sun rays are capable of generating electricity since it contains photons which are later converted into conductive electrons. When the sun’s energy in converted into solar power it can be used for lighting your homes and the nearby surrounding or for many other applications.

Solar powers are frequently used in rural areas and in remote locations. Today, it’s almost everywhere. Wherever you go you will see solar street lamps being installed in most of the towns and cities of the world.


What are some of the Important Advantages of Solar Energy?  

  • The increasing use of solar power is making the world a better place to live in, since the environment is getting cleaner and eco-friendly. Energy generated form sunlight is helping millions of people in the world.
  • Solar Power is pollution free and infact, this energy is absolutely free of charge once it’s properly installed for generating electricity. Among the list of other sources, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy next to wind energy.
  • The greatest benefit of using solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere even in the remotest place where there is no other means of power supply. Even in space solar cells are used to launch powerful satellites inorder to telecast what’s happening around us.
  • Modern gadgets that are available in the world market use solar cells to run the devices.
  • There are many other sources where electricity can be harnessed, such us wind, fossil, and water however, sun energy is one of the purest and quietest source with less noise and pollution.
  • Other advantageous of using solar power is the consuming cost. Compare to other sources it’s highly cheap and affordable through installation may not be that cheap. But it’s a lifetime investment.
  • Today, solar panels that are installed in your home are often used for generating power for various electronic devices such as television, Sony Xperia smart phones, tablets and laptops.
  • The best thing about solar energy is – it can be installed anywhere and it will not occupy much space. It’s easily install-able on your rooftop or at any place or location where the solar panel can be fixed temporarily or permanently.
  • Solar panel installation is easy and much faster and convenient when compared to installing electrical wires. Moreover, it can be installed even in the remotest locations.
  • Using more of solar energy and less dependent on other sources like the fossil fuel will help in creating environment friendly world and greener world.
  • Solar energy can be saved and stored with the help of the advanced technologies of solar batteries which are rechargeable. You can easily charge the battery when your kindle e-reader is down and unable to read your favorite novel.
  • Lastly but not the least, the sun is a renewable source of energy, so no matter how long and how much you use it will never end as long as the sun keeps shinning. Solar energy is a renewable energy which is highly reliable and trustworthy.

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Some of the Disadvantages of Solar Energy are listed below: 

  • One of the major disadvantages of solar power is, it will generate electricity only when the sun is bright and clear. If the solar panels are not fully charged you will not be able to enjoy the fullest of light and heat.
  • Other drawbacks about solar energy is- the cost of installation is not very cheap and affordable if the panels are huge and to be used for multipurpose. For some its expensive, middle class family will not be able to afford.
  • Solar powers are harnessed when the sun rays produces powerful heat and light, so if the weather is bad and gloomy the efficiently of the solar power will also be affected.
  • Moreover, atmospheric pollution will to some extend affect the efficiency of the solar cells. So installing solar panel in the most polluted areas like industrial factories or over crowded cities etc will result in weaker and insufficient power supply to the solar panels.
  • Unfortunately, fossil fuels and other source of energy like electrical power are cost effective or low cost when compared to installing a solar panel. The efficiency and the level of power it produces is another factor to be compared.

The present generation is committed to use solar energy and to avoid using electricity far as possible. The world is encouraging every one of us to install and use solar power inorder to make this world environmentally friendly and free from pollution.

Light up your room, every nook & corner of your house and stay bright and beautiful with the latest innovations of the solar power wherever you live.

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