Kindle Voyage vs Paperwhite- Is it worth the upgrade?

paperwhite Vs voyage
Voyage Vs Paperwhite (l x r)

The Amazon is ready yet again to launch a new e-book reader on the advent of this festive season for e-book lovers. The much-awaited Kindle Voyage is due for launching this October and many avid readers may be anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new e-book reader to find out the upgrades of its predecessor.

We know that the Paperwhite kindle is a very good e-book reader with many interesting features for the comfort and ease of reading digitally printed books. However, as we go through the specifications of the company, we notice some differences between the two in features. If you are a new user due to buy e-book reader, it may be helpful for you to read this comparison table and review, which compares the features, convenience, portability, ease of use and the price.Let us have a closer look at the two kindles from the table below:




Kindle Voyage Paperwhite Kindle
Screen Touch screen/ glass/micro etched Touch screen/ plastic/no
Display 330 ppi 212 ppi
Screen flush bezel yes no
Weight for e-reader with Wi-Fi

Weight for e-reader with Wi-Fi + 3G

6.3 ounce

Same thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce

7.3 ounce

Same thickness with additional weight of 0.3 ounce

dimension 6.4” X 4.5” X 0.3” with Wi-Fi 6.7” X 4.6”X 0.36” with Wi-Fi
Connectivity Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G Available both in Wi-Fi and 3G
Page press technology Yes No
Adaptive front light Yes No
File type supported Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prc Adobe pdf, html, plain text, Microsoft doc. Mobi, prc



Standard black


Standard black

Price $ 199 Wi-Fi model

$ 269 Wi-fi + 3G

$ 119 Wi-Fi model

$ 189 Wi-Fi + 3G

Storage 4 GB/ 3000 books 2 GB/ 2000 books
Battery 6 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and front light setting at 10 8 weeks with half an hour reading per day with wireless off and front light setting at 10

kindle voyage

Screen: Both the kindles are touch screen but the kindle voyage have glass screen with micro edge whereas, the Paperwhite comes with plastic without the micro edge.The advantage of having the micro edge in Kindle Voyage enables reading in the bright sunlight easily without glare. The micro edged glass diffuses light so that you can read without eyestrain in the sunlight. It is easy to read from any angle as if you are reading a real paper print.

Display: The Kindle Voyage has a screen display of 330 ppi(pixels per inch) in contrast with 212 ppi in the Paperwhite. A wide difference in the pixels will have a much more clarity in letters and sharpness of images. The Paperwhite kindle is clear enough like real paper print with 212 ppi. Then how much more clarity will the voyage have for your eyes with 330 ppi? It has much higher resolution of the screen for easy reading of the contents.

Screen Flush Bezel: Kindle voyage has a screen flush bezel that is not present in the Paperwhite kindle. It is a device with a sensor in the bezel for turning the pages by slightly pressing the bezel. In the case of the old version of the kindle, it needed two hands, one to hold and the other to tap the kindle to turn the pages.

Weight: Both the kindles with Wi-Fi have 6.3 ounce each and Wi-Fi + 3G have an additional weight of 0.3 ounce each.

Adaptive light: Whether you read in the light or in the dark, reading would not be a problem with kindle voyage because of the presence of the adaptive light, which adjusts the brightness automatically to suit your eyes in the dark.

Screen flush bezel: The screen flush bezel is an additional feature that you would not find in the Paperwhite kindle. The screen flush bezel is simply a page button on either side of the display for turning to a new page. You just have to press the bezel with your finger and it will flip to a new page or turn back to the previous page. The sensor is so sensitive to a light pressure that flipping to a new page is just a breeze.

Weight: The kindle voyage with Wi-Fi weighs 6.3 ounce and an additional of 0.3 ounce for the kindle with Wi-Fi +3G whereas; the Paperwhite has 7.3 and 7.6 ounce each for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G respectively. The lighter is the kindle, the better for easy handling of the kindle for long sessions of reading.

Dimension: The kindle voyage is the thinnest ever e-book reader with 0.3” of thickness for the comfort of long hours of reading.This is considerably one of the best for avid readers.

Connectivity: Both the kindles have Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

Storage: Kindle voyage provides 4 GB of storage that is enough to have almost 3000 books with you in your pocket. You will have the advantage to carry around your home library wherever you go. Your distant travelling won’t be a bore anymore with kindle voyage in hand.

Color: Black is standard for Amazon’s kindles. So sorry for those who don’t like black because kindle voyage will also be black. However, color should not be an issue for serious readers with so much of advantages for a comfortable reading anywhere.

Price: As indicated above in the table, there is an overall difference of $80 in both the version of kindle voyage and Paperwhite kindle.

Battery life: The company claims that a single charge of three hours will lasts 6 weeks with half an hour reading with front light setting at 10 compared with the Paperwhite kindle at 8 weeks with the same rating.

My Final Thought on Kindle Voyage: Some major improvements are seen in the Kindle Voyage, which we don’t find in the Paperwhite kindle. The increased ppi of 330 from 212 would be incredible for sharper and darker text for a real paper-like reading without glare and eyestrain. Moreover, the page press will simplify in flipping your page or coming back to the previous page by pressing the side of the kindle that has a sensitive sensor below the bezel. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhite kindle. The adaptive front light easily adjusts to the condition of the light that enables the reader to read in the dark and the light alike. We don’t find this feature in the Paperwhitekindle whichis an upgrade in the kindle Voyage. Finally, the thickness is only 0.3” for the convenience of handling to do long hours of reading.

The Kindle Voyage has just a few additional features from the Paperwhite Kindle but that is what is important for an avid reader. If you don’t do much reading, the Paperwhite has all the features so you don’t need to spend a whopping 80 dollars just for the three added features. Honestly, if you do lots of reading, this is definitely a better choice because the basic requirements for those who do long sessions of reading are all there in Kindle Voyage, and hence the upgrade for a few dollars more.

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