Samsung Curved TV- Is it Hype or Real?

The much talked about curved TV series are now already made available. For quite some time, it has been the talk of the town and many of us wondered what this series would really offer us or benefit us. So, what is the Deal with Samsung curved TV afterall?


Its overall idea is to give you a top picture quality and the best viewing result with added comfort and convenience. The usual HD TVS has a pixel quality of 1080p. Everyone of us thought it is a great achievement and a best picture quality when it was introduced many years back. But, to our delight and amazement, the UHD series came and changed it all. TV production giants like Samsung, Sony, LG and few others were able to introduce Ultra High Definition on flat TV some years back and it was a fantastic achievement. These series of UHD TVs has the maximum pixel of 3840 x 2160 p, which is 4 times clearer than the HD version with 1080p (just imagine 4 times clearer than HD TVS). And now the giant companies have taken it to a new higher level which is beyond our imagination.

The all new UHD curved TV

Not stopping with its achievement of UHD TV Series that gives us the best quality picture of all time, giant TV production company like Samsung and Sony made it a reality of producing the first ever designed curved TV. The edges of the screen are slightly and gently curved which makes a lot of differences on our eyes. The new curved design UHD TV are available in different size ranging from 50 inches to even 105 inches screen. The curved design with ultra high definition TV has the following pros.

As the screen is curved, it meets the rounded nature of the eyeballs and gives us more immersive viewing experience. It represents the rounded looks of nature and makes us feel more than just watching television. The curved screen wraps around us so that it captures all our senses, resulting in an immersed viewing experience. The curving edges will give you a wider viewing angle. It fills more of your field of view than the flat ones.

With the UHD Up-Scaling feature, you are able to enjoy any live shows crisper and clearer than ever before. Since the screen is curved, it focuses the light directly towards your viewing position instead of it being scattered to a wider area that of a Flat TV. This made it possible to achieve twice richer contrast performance. Also, the curved screen makes the image exist in multiple depth planes that the pictures feel real 3D. It gives you the purest expression of color. Watching movie or picture will feel just like a reality.

Is it really worth it?

The media has been reporting a lot about this magnificent UHD Curved Screen TV. And the top leading producing companies have been competing against each other. Many things have been told and advertised. But, is the public really going to be carried away with this hype? Many people have started questioning ‘Is it real or just another marketing gimmick?’

Well, if we look at the features and specs of this gigantic model, it can surely got us carried away. The UHD curved screen is the main attraction as it changes it all. We see a super crispy image just in front of our eyes which is twice better than the Flat UHD TVs. If you want a picture perfect quality, it surely will satisfy you. But in my opinion, the general public will not benefit much from this giant UHD curved screen TVs. We really don’t need a 70 inch or 100 inch TV in our living room. A 40 inch UHD TV can surely satisfy us. You would have to sit at an appropriate distance to get immersed and view the advantage of the curved screen. I feel it is just not so realistic for our home use or for an average buyer. I’m not saying the curved screen TV is not a worthy buy. Definitely it is an incredible product which is worth praising. I just thought it is not so realistic with the general public.

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