The Latest Kindle Fire HD 6 – Pros and Cons

Kindle Fire HD 6 is a dedicated e-book reader, which enables readers to read like reading real books and goes even beyond books due to its rich features. It is perhaps the best tablet below $100 with state of the art technology to make reading more fun than ever.


A Quick Look at the Top Features of Kindle Fire HD 6

  • The quad processor is twice the old version of kindle, which is up to1.5 GHz and three times the graphic performance for smooth videos.
  • The 6” HD display is crisp and clear with 252 ppi at a resolution of 1280 X 800 for perfect apps, photos, videos games and much more.
  • The rear camera comes with 2 mega pixels for capturing HD photos and videos and Skype with a secondary camera.
  • Cloud storage offers unlimited space for storing your photos and other contents.
  • There are millions of digital contents, which you can enjoy like movies, android games and apps, songs, books and other social media like Facebook and many more.
  • It is splendid for the whole family with unique profiles for each of the members. Two Amazon accounts can be linked with this kindle, which enable users to share contents like videos, photos, games, books and even apps.
  • Remain connected all the time with this kindle by browsing the web, check emails, edit and view documents.

Synopsis of Kindle Fire HD 6

Kindle Fire HD 6 is in fact the most powerful tablet under 100 dollars, which allow users to read for long sessions primarily because of the screen, which does not glare in the dark and the bright light equally. It means the screen adjusts itself to the conditions of the light on its own. Reading with this kindle does not tire your eyes. It is just pocket- size and very light in weight, which enables readers for a comfortable hold with a single hand while reading and for carrying conveniently in the pocket.

This kindle comes in five variant colors with a rear camera of 2 mega pixels and a front facing camera for taking selfies and share via facebook or youtube and Skype video calls. Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage of your contents so that your cherished memories are always there.

It is great for the whole family because Amazon’s kindle HD 6” offers a unique profile for two adults and four children with personalized social accounts. Amazon’s Freetime allows parents to set a profile for each child allowing unlimited time for reading but does not allow access to videos and games.

It is possible to fling your movies in the kindle to a TV screen while you can browse or sent emails. An X-Ray feature of the kindle enables to follow the lyrics for most of the music and in movies, the details of actors can be easily checked with this feature.

Once you buy this kindle, you can read everywhere with thousands of titles to choose from and take it to school, work or wherever you go. There will be no shortage of fun and excitement with this kindle.

What is New in Kindle Fire HD 6?

Kindle Fire HD 6 features the touch screen for easy interface of apps like the x-ray, Kindle free time, vocabulary builder, dictionary look up and sharing your moments with friends and relatives. In addition to that, it has twice the storage capacity compared with the old generation kindle and the processor is 20% faster for an easy and faster pages turns.

fire hd


Battery life of this kindle is excellent with more than 8 hours of continuous HD video playback and close to 9 hours of mixed use and 4 ½ hours of video gaming. It takes a little over 2 hours to charge the battery.

Kindle HD 6” has a decent screen with good contrast and responsiveness for easy reading and browsing.

It has a world class Dolby audio sound for pleasing ears and it is compact in size for a comfortable handling wherever you read or go.

It features unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content with internal storage capacity of 8 and 16 GB. It is just the right size for reading and affordable at less than $100.

Buying books is easy and listening to music is seamless with Amazon cloud player.


Haphazard design of kindle fire HD 6 is not impressive with an average built quality.

The recessed logo of Amazon at the back attracts lots of dust and dirt.

The pictures are not sharp and the colors are dull because the front camera is VGA while the rear camera is only 2 megapixels, which is not expected of this kindle. There is no auto focus and flash in the camera.

There is very little customizable interface option in this kindle. Internal storage is not big without any option for memory card slot. It comes without Global positioning System (GPS)


The conventional design with plastic body is intended to minimize the cost for most of the people to afford this kindle for reading. It is not actually made for style with cues but fortunately, it is available in five variant colors. It is not very attractive in looks but considering the price, it is a good choice for those who do lots of reading.

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