Why Kindle Voyage is the Most Successful E-Reader in the Market


Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is the most successful e-book reader for the rich features it offers for avid readers. The reason for its success is due to the newly added features that makes reading more comfortable. It is a dedicated e-book reader that enables reading for long sessions.

It is compact in size and beautifully designed for the pleasure of reading, browsing, surfing the net and sharing your moments with friends on Facebook and Youtube. Listening to music is very pleasing to the ears from world class Dolby audio.

A quick look at the top features that make kindle Voyage the best e-book reader

Unlike others, this kindle voyage has a much more clarity of the screen with 300 ppi. The pictures, videos and texts are sharp and crisp. The micro etched glass of the screen diffuse light coming from different angles and this makes it look like reading in real paper.

The PagePress haptics provide you with the least indication that you have actually pressed the button in order to do away with distraction from reading. A page turn of kindle voyage is a matter of a single press at the side without the need of using two hands. This feature enables reading much more comfortable than ever.

Kindle voyage is sleek and durable as it is made of reinforced glass front. It is very light in weight and slim in size. Compared with other e-book readers, this is the lightest and slimmest for a convenient handling and comfortable reading.

The adaptive front light is a wonder of this device because it does not allow glaring your eyes in the dark as well as in the light. This adaptive light automatically adjusts to slight changes in the condition of light to suit your eyes, which enables you to read in broad daylight as well as in the dark alike.

There is no strain to the eyes because the built-in light shines on the page and not on the eyes. Therefore, it suits best for those who do long sessions of reading. It has been made to resemble more like reading a physical book.

Kindle e-book readers usually have fewer distractions and more readings to do. There are no pop up advertisements and emails in kindle voyage. It offers cloud storage for users to save pictures, videos and books purchased from Amazon.

The X-ray feature of kindle voyage enables music lovers to follow the lyrics and while watching movies, the details of the actor can be checked out and while reading, it is possible to scan the chapters and titles in the content.

It is also possible to fling videos to a TV screen and make it into a primary screen while you can browse and check emails at the same time.

Once you buy kindle voyage, you can read everywhere. There are thousands of titles to choose from Amazon. It is far safer to own kindle than to invest on physical books.

Children will definitely love reading more and more because there are many things children will like to explore. It is different from reading a physical book because you can highlight the word and look up for the word in the same screen for its meaning thereby enhancing the vocabulary of your children. Many of these features made Kindle Voyage the best e-reader for students.

When it comes to battery life, it is one of the best yet again. It takes three hours to charge the battery but it lasts weeks at half an hour of usage every day.

It is very easy to access the internet and so you can seamlessly browse videos with kindle voyage. Sharing your moments of happiness with your friends and relatives is just a press away.

The whispersync technology of kindle voyage allows users to synchronize the last chapter or topic you read and therefore, it enables you to continue with what you had left.

Now with kindle voyage you can read in most of the major languages of the world. In order to do so, you can choose the language from the options that you are more familiar.

Whether you are at home or in your travel, you will never be without books because within 60 seconds you can choose any title and start reading instantly.

A few final words: The price is a little high for an e-book reader but when we look back at the features it offers, it has almost everything you need for a long session of reading. Therefore, it is wiser not to compromise with the price for the quality it provides. However, you can also choose kindle Paperwhite if you are contented with what it offers.

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